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Genus: Male is open for submissions!

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Are you interested in getting published in the next issue of Genus: Male? The next issue of Genus: Male is now open for submissions from comic artists!

Genus: Male is a spinoff title from the long-running adults-only Genus (which is now on its 60th issue - 10 years!). While the regular Genus series focuses on straight, heterosexual sex stories, Genus: Male is designed for guy-on-guy stories (primarily) for male readers. Two issues of Genus: Male have been published so far, featuring stories and art by Daria McGrain, Miu, Richard Moore, and John Barrett. The series is currently being published annually (although the frequency might be increased if enough quality stories come in).

The third issue of Genus: Male is scheduled to be released in January 2004, just in time for Further Confusion. If you have a story in mind for the next issue, send it in to Sin Factory (which is the Radio Comix adults-only imprint). There is no firm deadline on submissions, but it would be a good idea to have your completed work in before November 1st, 2003.

Complete details on how to submit to Radio Comix, including page specifications, can be found on the Radio Comix website at If you have any questions, you can also post a message on the Radio Comix Message Board (which can be accessed from the Radio Comix website), or the Radio Comix Fan Club on YahooGroups, or the Radio Comix Livejournal.


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