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Furry Organization Poll Results

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Results are in on the recent poll taken by the Anthropomorphic Diversity Support Association (ADSA).

Two quick apologies are in order, however. First off, placing the poll on LiveJournal was a mistake. We were unaware of the registration requirement when we created and put up the poll. Although registration did not require a paid account, this turned many users off. To remedy this, furries who emailed me privately received a copy of the poll. These were compiled with the rest of the results. We also apologize for the short duration of the poll. The Flayrah article was submitted several days ago, but didn't appear until Saturday. Not realizing this, we concluded the polling on Sunday.

That having been said, "read more" for the results...After taking everyone's responses into account (including those who sent private replies due to having no LJ account), it looks as though we will be focusing on the following issues. Because these issues are in line with ADSA's previous pre-millenial goals, we will keep the same organization name when we revamp the website.

The primary role of ADSA will be to provide a broad range of information on diversity issues pertaining to furry fandom and ancillary fandoms. The only bias of the organization will be toward promoting inclusion and mutual respect for one another.

ADSA will not take formal stances on media or political issues. However, we will advocate for an accurate and inclusive portrayal of the fandom by promoting visibility of its diversity, in a positive light. We will not conduct outreach efforts outside of the anthropomorphic and ancillary communities. ADSA will serve the furry community directly, and maintain ties to tangential fandoms, but our scope will be restricted to these.

Secondary to these goals, ADSA may seek to provide information relevant to furries, such as consumer-based information on other furry organizations and services, identity-related services, and information from multiple perspectives on social issues in the fandom, such as methods of response to the media. In none of these activities will ADSA "take sides", other than to promote respectful discussion between individuals and groups.

Thanks to everyone for your input. The revamping of the website will probably take quite a while as we're still working on some technical issues, but I'll make a public announcement when we finally start up again.

If you'd be interested in helping out with the visioneering of our organization, or have something you would like to recommend or contibute to us, please drop me a line.



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