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FurBid hit by worm again

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Got this in my email around 1pm 5/21:


This is an administrative message from FurBid:

We had a bit of unexpected down-time yesterday afternoon.
Somehow, the name server on Transform got re-enabled, allowing us to get hit by
the l10n worm again. We had to re-load from Saturday night back-ups, so
unfortunately, any bids placed between 8am and 4:30pm may have been lost.
Please, check any auctions that you have bid on between 5-19-2001 and

My sysadmin swears to me that yes, this time he has removed the vulnerable
server, and it will not be going back on. However, I have started an hourly back-up of FurBid's data files, independant of his bi-daily backup. This should
never happen again.

Anyfur that was affected by this, please e-mail me at
Please include your username, the auction # and category that was/were
affected, plus any other info that would help us re-construct your bid(s).
On behalf of FurBid, I apologize for the frustration this may have caused you
all. -Aatheus

Thank you and please tell a friend about us!




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