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Sofawolf Press debuts four new publications just in time for Anthrocon

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The dedicated folks at Sofawolf Press have been working overtime to finish four new projects for debut at Anthrocon next week (July 9-11). We’re very excited about this latest batch of art and writing, and we hope you will be too.

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Artistic Visions: The Art of Brian and Tracy Reynolds
The latest entry in our popular Artistic Visions series introduces a double serving of great art with The Art of Brian Reynolds and The Art of Tracy Reynolds. Presented in a unique double-sided flipbook, this 94 page collection of sketches and commentary brings you into the world of these two fantastically talented artists

Buffalo Wings Reunion–Volume One: The Yarf! Years
Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated of our new products, this 150 page collection of John Nunnemacher's popular funny animal slice-of-life college comic strip comprises the complete series as originally printed in the fanzine Yarf! Never before collected all in one volume, this book also includes an entirely new chapter written by John and drawn by Vince Suzukawa of Class Menagerie fame.

Heat #2
Responding to the popularity of the January premiere of our new adult fiction, graphic art, and poetry magazine Heat, we’ve turned out a new issue six months ahead of schedule. Under a new managing editor and designer, the second issue is beautifully crafted as well as being full of great content. Features comics by Leo Magna and Black Teagan; stories by Kyell Gold, Dekker Graden and Kim Liu; and poetry by Sheela Ardrian.

HistoriMorphs #2
First, after a two year hiatus comes the long-awaited release of the 64 page second volume of HistoriMorphs, the literary magazine focusing on historical based fiction. Take a trip into the distant (and not so distant) past with some of the fandom’s best writers. Includes eight illustrated stories by Samuel C. Conway, Tim Susman, Will A. Sanborn, David Andrew Cowan, Tom Nugent, Lanny Fields, Mirko, and Rogue.

For those of you who won’t be making it to Anthrocon, everything is also available for purchase online through our website. [] Orders received through Tuesday, July 6th will be shipped before we leave for the convention, so hurry up and get ‘em in.

This weekend we are also releasing the summer issue of our newsletter Kibble, which includes an article by Tim Susman crafting good endings to your stories, as well as the usual wealth of information about upcoming projects and convention appearances. Kibble will be available free via download from our website and in printed form at Anthrocon.


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