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Calling for submissions to Sofawolf Press' magazine, "Heat"

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Sofawolf Press’ newest publication, “Heat” was introduced in 2004 with two volumes, and it has been a great success. This year we will be settling down to a schedule of one volume per year, and we are now reviewing submissions for volume #3. If you have a story, poem or comic that contains anthropomorphic characters and is either romantic or erotic, please visit our website ( for submission guidelines, contact information and more details.We are currently most interested in submissions of poetry and short stories for volume #3. We have sufficient comic content for the issue, but we could make room for another short piece. We are also happy to consider longer comics for future issues.

“Heat” is a magazine for telling stories in which sexuality is an important part of the way the plot plays out, but sex is not the only reason for the story. Having a good, solid story with well-developed characters is key; the story should focus on the role sex or sexuality plays in the relationships between characters more than it does the mechanics of what body part gets inserted where. We encourage submissions of stories about relationships of all sexual orientations.


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