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The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West

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Read this book several years ago, but just recently obtained a copy of it and its sequel, Piper at the Gate. Unfortunately, both are out of print, but if you see a copy of either, I recommend picking it up, especially this one.

Back of the book reads:

THE HEAVENLY HORSE is the Dancer, a shining Appaloosa stallion, first of all horses in the Army of One Hundred and Five and guardian of the Courts of the Outermost West.

ANOR THE EXECUTIONER, monstrous and fanged, is the servant of the Dark Horse. He comes from the Gates of Death --- and if can, he will destroy the Dancer.

Between them stands DUCHESS, last true mare of the Appaloosa line. With the Dancer, she runs away from the barns of men -- but is stalked by Anor and his Harrier Hounds. If they can kill her and her foal, the Appaloosa breed will be ended.

THE HEAVENLY HORSE is partly an adventure, partly a fable, and partly even a love story. It is also a mesmerizing evocation of the eternal battle between good and evil.

An excellent piece of fantasy, not difficult to understand and quite imaginative for its type. The prose remains decent throughout the entire novel, its descriptive nature working well with the viewpoints of the horses.

My only problems with the book would be the shift in nature of one fairly crucial character and some of the information in regards to the various breeds. However, the knowledge of horses in general seems to be quite accurate.

If you love horses, then you should definitely enjoy the story. If you have a taste for animal characters and fantasy, I think there's an extremely good chance you would find this book entertaining.


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