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MFF board plans more rooms for 2007

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Midwest Furry Fandom board members voted yesterday to expand Midwest FurFest's hotel room block from 300 to 350 rooms on the convention's busiest nights, Friday and Saturday. All the new hotel rooms will be king-size, as the con had already booked out every double room in the building.[1] These measures are likely a reaction to Midwest FurFest 2006, which experienced a 33% increase in attendance over the previous year.[2]

News coverage

Other matters discussed during the board meeting included tax filings and matters of accounting, including the provision of insurance coverage. Like most conventions, Midwest Furry Fandom maintains third-party liability insurance against mishaps - in MFF's case, to the tune of $1,000,000. Further Confusion's parent body AAE also holds $1 million insurance, for up to three instances.[3] The cost of such insurance - $250 in MFF's case - can be a factor for smaller conventions.

The measures were voted on by board members Tom Rogers, Robert King, Dan Hauschild, Gary Breuckman, Tom Brady, and Paul Lester. Members Jim Doolittle, Kyle Webb, and Karl Meyer were not in attendance. The public meeting was followed by an executive session of the board members.


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