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I wish I'd joined furry fandom in the . . .

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1970s: I could enjoy Fritz the Cat, Watership Down, Robin Hood, Omaha and Vootie first-hand.
5% (2 votes)
1980s: I might have taken part in Rowrbrazzle, Tiger's Den BBS, the first furry parties.
21% (8 votes)
1990s: I'd get to see the early ConFurence and Anthrocon; the golden years of MUCKs and a.f.f.
42% (16 votes)
2000s: The ubiquity of the Internet; conventions I don't have to fly to; fursuits are actually good.
18% (7 votes)
2010s: Huge cons, great art, more fursuits than you can shake a stick at - what's not to like?
13% (5 votes)
Votes: 38


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