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2010 April Fools

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If you're curious about the accuracy of yesterday's reporting, read on . . .

For the record:

  • The report from the Onion is pure satire, as usual
  • The story about PafCon is true as far as it goes (I don't know if the con exists, but the flyers and site do exist)
  • The Beaver did change its name, but not to North American Pussy – the point was to get away from being a sexual innuendo, of which they were perfectly aware
  • Fur Affinity didn't announce a new feature; however, they do have real security vulnerabilities that work as described in the article (which I told them about); perhaps fortunately, there really is no easy way to delete your whole account
  • Furry to Furry probably isn't removing their most popular features, though the report is based on a real administrative message
  • Similarly, people really were turning into floofs in Furcadia yesterday, but this was by design

The things we didn't cover:


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