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Plant-Eater Wear

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Your ever-lovin’ ed-otter attended the Animal Rights National Conference in Los Angeles this weekend. Lo and behold, there was actually some good anthropomorphic art to be found there, mostly on t-shirts. One set that especially caught our eye came from They employ the services of a few really good artists in the creation of their organic-ink t-shirts for people who want to brag to the world about their veganism. Think that plant-eaters are wimpy? Tell that to a rhinoceros! “We believe that the best way to affect social change is to lead by setting a positive example and creating opportunities for conversations with others. We want everyone to feel proud about where their clothing came from at every point during production.” Visit their web site to see more of what they have currently, plus you can sign up for their newsletter and get notices about their new upcoming designs.

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image c. 2016


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