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Oh Look! Hasbro is Making Toys…

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Earlier this year our Friends at Equestria Daily quoted an article from USA Today regarding Hasbro’s new “fan series” of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic toys, called Guardians of Harmony. This line of full-sized action figures stands out because the designs are not only expansions of what we’ve seen in the TV series, but they were also inspired by many of the stories and characters in IDW’s popular comic book tie-in series. In fact, some of the designs are based on ideas that Bronies have been discussing only in whispers! Besides some of the well-known characters, Guardians of Harmony includes figures of popular characters like Discord, a grown-up armored version of Spike the dragon, and even Weird Al Yankovic himself in pony form as Cheese Sandwich! Word is out that IDW may be creating a new line of comic books to include the Guardians of Harmony story situations, but we’ve yet to see that come about. Most of the new designs are available now at Amazon and other top toy destinations.

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image c. 2016 Hasbro Toys




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