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Ducks To The World

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Here’s yet another cool animated series the rest of the world gets, while apparently we here in the USA have to do without! Hence why Adventures in Duckport flew beneath our radar — no pun intended. This is from last year at Animation Magazine: “San Diego-based Lawless Entertainment has partnered up with Italian producer Mondo TV to co-produce and distribute a new 2D HD animated series based on the Adventures in Duckport characters of internationally popular brand Suzy’s Zoo. The 52 x 11 series will be distributed worldwide by Mondo (excluding North America), while Lawless handles global licensing and merchandising (except for some reserved by Mondo) and NorAm distribution. [When, is the question…] The Adventures in Duckport series will feature original Suzy’s Zoo characters, including the duck Suzy Ducken and her friends Jack Quacker, Penelope O’Quinn, Corky Turtle, and more. Targeted to ages 4-8, the show will offer charming adventures of these characters as they interact with the world and do their best to help the elder members of their community with love and respect.” At least we can see the trailer on Vimeo.

image c. 2016 Mondo TV

image c. 2016 Mondo TV


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