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Digging up Positivity - Furry Charity and good news - March 2021

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Welcome to another edition of Digging up Positivity. This month was a busy one! A lot of wholesome and virtual events were held and the charities did not stay far behind! From creative art-streams to virtual events and games, fun was had, and charities from all over the world had a little boost from our fandom! Our special guest is a very well known Kangaroo, and he has been with us before! As he voiced me last year during the BLM special!

Furry Charities

Around this time of year, usually the conventions are starting to sprout up. While this year with...well everything going is different, but people are still coming together in a virtual sense, and raising money for various charities!

Anthro New England

Anthro New England raised $750 for NEADS, an organization founded in 1976, devoted to train service dogs for people who are deaf or physically disabled, veterans with PTSD, children with autism and other developmental disabilities, or for therapeutic assistance in places such as hospitals.


While making this video, Fursquared, a convention based in the US, raised $11,770 dollar for The Human Animal Welfare society and as we speak, donations are still rolling in!

But this is not everything regarding Fursquared. If you have attended this convention before, especially the charity auction, you might know Rob Hogan, dutifully submitting a big painting every year. Unfortunately last year he suffered a brain aneurysm and is recovering.

The good folks of Fursquared could not leave him hanging and started a GoFundMe, to this day they have raised $30,957. The campaign is still running, and with the long and difficult road ahead, it is direly needed.

Papa Barks

One of those forces for good is Papa Barks. He, and the amazing critters behind him, managed to raise $5,323.19 with their Day Zero VRChat events. The money is going to the North Carolina ALS chapter. Followed by many more streams this month. I will be sure to include the results in next months’ episode! Thanks you very much to you and your team in the honor of Papa Barks.


In The Netherlands, the Dutch artist Ostran has raised €110 with his art for Mermaids, an organisation based in the UK that has been supporting transgender, non binary and gender-diverse children, young people and their families since 1995.

Furnal Equinox

Furnal Equinox managed to raise $10,000 dollars for the Hobbits Wildlife Refugee.

During the convention, people chimed in with fun ways to raise money like an art-stream where people could ‘visit’ a pool party. Everytime someone donated during that artstream, the pool became more filled with a character of the donator's choice.


Fursaverance, a virtual convention based in South-Afrika, but with panelists all over the world, including a lovely corgi from The Netherlands. Together they raised raised a whooping $2,113 for the paw sine Whack Whiskers Rescue and Rehoming during 2 days of wholesome virtual fun.

Singapore Cancer Society

Crispy went through some dark days of his own, but was given a second chance to life. And thanks to this, he wanted to give back! He raised $154.33 for the Singapore Cancer Society.

Nordic Fuzzcon

At the time of recording this video, Nordic Fuzzcon raised $7,608 for the Odsherred Zoo Rescue. A safe haven for animals that have fallen victim to the medical or cosmetic industry, through illegal trade or mistreatment. But now thanks to Nordic Fuzzcon, this wonderful organization gets a well deserved boost! And since this convention lasts an entire week, the final amount will be even higher.


This month Sumatchi has been working overtime in the Virtual Reality game Population:One. After an exciting final round where they had the highest damage ever recorded. He and his team placed first in the Recharge Tournament, which raised $415 for Charity Gaming!


This month Almita Otter from Mexico raised $225 for Little Rocket, a poor raccoon found hanging with a broken leg and an exposed bone, but thanks to Almita’s efforts, this lovely raccoons prospects has dramatically improved.


There are plenty of art websites online, and often fursuiters tag along, but one site is devoted to fursuits. The features of the website are geared towards it, such as tagging of fursuits, their makers, and with those makes the fursuits they have made (plunging down the rabbit hole so to speak).

And they have reached a milestone! 22,000 fursuits are now registered on that website. So chances are that adorable suit you’ve been looking for, might just be on there!

Pokemon Go

It already has been 5 years ago when Pokemon Go got launched. For a brief moment the world looked like it was united in finding Pokemon in the real world.

Although we were walking with our phones in our hands, it was for many, their introduction to augmented reality. Now, Microsoft is showcasing what Pokemon Go could be with their HOLO Lens technology. While this is all a proof of concept, I am curious to see if this works out in the field.

Virtual Zoo

One of the things I miss is going to the zoo. Watching the meerkats standing guard, or otters chasing a butterfly, there are so many lovely things to see! Spec Treks VR released a virtual Los Angeles Zoo Tour on YouTube! This is compatible with a VR headset and while a little limited compared to what we might be used to with virtual conventions, it is fun to see it all. And there are meerkats too!

Gadzooki Vs Konky Donk

Let it be known that giant monster movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. I love to see Godzilla stomp through town, or King Kong going ape while climbing a tower.

Crisp Rat made a no budget version; Gadzooki Vs Konky Donk, and the timing and humor is just perfect! Do check out on his twitter!

Ralph Bakshi

Ralph Bakshi, that is not a familiar name to many, but many of the animation we watch might have been influenced by his work. These days animation for adults is fairly normal. But back in the days, this was not the case. Animation was deemed for children, and should be cute and harmless. Ralph made revolutionary animations for its time, such as Fritz the Cat. Viewed by many as one of the first successful adult animation movies, paving the way for many others.


And now for our featurette. Quite some people might know him for his silly tweets and overall dry humor and puns. Heck, that’s one of the reasons why I started to follow this hopper around. Our featurette for this month: Renegade Kangaroo.

[Interview with Renegade Kangaroo]


Thank you kindly for sticking with us till the end, at April 24th we will join you with our next episode.

And of course, I would like to thank my following patreon and subscribestar sponsors: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Kitako, Tantroo McNally, Taross, and Score Chaser.

Thank you so much, and of course, all the hugs!

[Credits and Links to items featured can be found in the description of the YouTube video]


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