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Digging Up Positivity - Furry Charity and Good News - September 2021

Edited by Sonious
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Welcome to the September edition of Digging Up Positivity! Currently I am somewhere far far away from my studio, working at my home-con: Eurofurence. And online edition is this very weekend! More info about that later this episode. Also, we will announce the winner of this wonderful T-Shirt and for this month I will give away this lovely limited edition Fursona Thabo pin. And of course, there plenty of other uplifting news too, and lets start with this months’ charities from our lovely fandom!


This month we start of with Furrydelphia 2021 where 1544 furries came together and raised $7,325 for Bella-Reed, a non profit organization dedicated to rehome one of the most misunderstood dog breeds in the world: pit bulls [and their so adorable with their little smiles].

Tails and Tornadoes FurCon

At the Tails and Tornadoes Furcon 568 attendees managed to gather over $6,000 for Safaris Sanctuary.

Furry Migration

We had 1,132 attendees at Furry Migration raising money for Wildcat Sanctuary, a non profit rescue sanctuary located in Sandstone, USA devoted to wild cats.


Furvana has raised $4,000 dollars for PAWS of Grays Harbora non profit organization that provides a safe harbor, with loving care for cats and dogs alike.

Eurofurence Online

As this video goes into premiere, Eurofurence Online is in full effect, I will be sure to cover all the results next month, be sure to check out the virtual hotel. This year we even have virtual stands for the dealers den, and we are expanding from what was an amazing online event from last year! Check out @eurofurence on twitter and Twitch for more info!

Don’t give up

From Mexico we have JonS C.S, a few episodes back he announced he was working on an album ‘Don’t give up’. He has received so much help and support from friends that he wants to do something back. One by one he is releasing his tracks on his YouTube channel and they are free for all to listen to. If you like chip-tune, I certainly recommend to take a peek right there!

[music bit]

Bert the red panda

Amazon World in Newchurch, UK, is home to Bert the Panda. Unfortunately our red friend got quite ill, and no matter how much they looked, they could not find the underlying issue, and in their quest for Berts’ health they needed additional funding.

Fortunately 218 loving donators were able to raise 3,780 pounds, which is $5,235 within just 14 days, we will root for our little buddy, knowing he is surrounded by loving and caring friends.

Casual Geographic

There are so many fun and interesting facts about the animal kingdom. But it is always a bit of an issue how to bring this in a fun way. The guy behind Casual Geographic succeeded in this in a BIG way. His videos are full with byte-sized facts, fun, weird and sometimes a wee bit disturbing, but then again, nature is a harsh mistress. Do check out his channel, and find a reason to adore hyenas too! *giggle*

[Hyena Bit]

Giant Cat in Tokyo

Tokyo always had a bit of a relation with huge animals in their city, from Godzilla to Moth-Ra and everything in between. The visitors of Shinjuku Station found that another big fuzzy creature joined the ranks: A giant cat! In glorious 3D it looks down upon the passing people below. You’d almost think it is ready to pounce. Well, almost.

Fun fact is this enormous feline is not advertising for something, but local business paid for it to create a mascot and cheer people up during the [pandemic] of the last 2 years.

Giant Carolina Panther

Another giant feline has been sighted in North Carolina, USA. The Carolina Panthers displayed a wonderful mixed-reality panther for during their games and it looks amazing!


Just look at that big kitty goooo!

SIMon Mobile
  1. Cute raccoon - Check
  2. Glasses - Check
  3. Loves his coffee - Check

Last time we had that badger, but this little trash panda sure knows how to sell something. It looks like cute critters in commercials are slowly working their way back on TV. Ha, now it is the raccoons turn to face the music. I mean, how often have foxes been asked what they sound like, or meerkats like me about car insurance.

Donkey Kong Country TV Show

Animator Alex Henderson once posted about him going to resurrect the old Donkey Kong Country TV show on April 1st as a joke. But a part of him was genuinely curious how many would like this. But now, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this show, he teamed up with BootlegDubs to make an animated short: Curse of the Crystal Coconut!

[Music Number in Animation]

Beyond The Edge Of Owlsguard

[scene from show]

Back when I was still a young meerkat, I really loved point and click adventures. From Police Quest and Leisure Larry to Monkey Island, they were a lot of fun but these days, you don’t see them around that much anymore. So imagine me squealing when I saw Beyond The Edge Of Owlsguard, they even do recognise this genre of games is considered past their prime, but I really look forward to see their take on this all!

They recognise their story is one of many that has been told time and again, but we all know, it is all about the execution! And in that department, it looks promising!

Paragliding in fursuit

Every time I am amazed at what people can do in their fursuit, this month I bumped into Firestar who went paragliding, keep on reaching for the sky!

Special Guest

And now for our special guest we are on location at [Nihil]'s place:

[Interview with Nihil]


And now we are back at the studio. This month we are giving away one of these lovely Thabo T-shirts by , I gave all the comments a number and took a random number from Google’s random number generator. Congratulations Fireking492 also known as BlazeWarriorWolf. Please do use the form in the description to contact me so I can get your details and verify your identity, or any of the other places, you have up to the premiere of the next video to respond.

For next month I have a very limited edition fursona pin, so if you like to get one, you know the drill, comment on the video below that you’d like one, and of course, please subscribe to my channel. That is always appreciated. The following critters are extra awesome for sponsoring my channel through Patreon or SubscribeStar: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Kitako, Tantroo McNally, Taross, and Score Chaser

Thank you all so much, we will be back at October 30th and of course, all the hugs!


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