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Edited as of Sun 3 Jan 2016 - 05:43

Flayrah serves ads from Google AdWords, and also earns money by offering furry-related products from Amazon.

You need to set up an AdWords account and pay Google to run ads on Flayrah. Google, in turn, will pay Flayrah.

How can I be sure my ads are seen by Flayrah readers?

You can target your ad to Flayrah by creating a managed placement ad for

Your ad's placement depends on the price you pay per click, and on the quality score – a factor of the relevance of your ad to the page, the site, and its readers. Be sure to craft the message and landing page to the interests of our readers, and include relevant keywords in your ad copy.

What sort of ads does Flayrah display

Flayrah displays text and image/media ads. We recommend the former; they're easier to make, less intrusive and are displayed prominently.

What's this about a credit?

Flayrah's editor is a member of Google Partners. One benefit of the program is the ability to give out coupons to new AdWords users. The credit may be applied to advertising on any website in the Google Display Network, not just Flayrah - though you can easily target us.

These coupons are available to any organization serving furry fans. Examples include fursuit builders, artists, writers, conventions and websites. If you are interested in acquiring a coupon, please contact the editor, preferably before establishing an AdWords account. Flayrah's editor can also set up an account for you. Per Google's policies, you may have to spend a certain amount to receive a credit.

Advice will be provided to new advertisers as to how to effectively use their account. (Learn more about AdWords and third-party partners.)

How do ads fit into Flayrah's community focus? Isn't this a not-for-profit site?

Flayrah wishes to help furry businesses become more successful without compromising neutrality of coverage. Ads are one way for us to do that. Due to the quality ranking of AdWords, those whose message most interests Flayrah's readership will find the most benefit in advertising here.

I don't like ad companies tracking me - now Flayrah's in on this, too?

If you don't want Google to use your visits to Flayrah and other websites to determine the most appropriate ads for you, you can opt out.

Note that the ads shown to you may be more relevant if you allow Google's tracking cookies.

Why don't you have any relevant ads?

There is a limited stock of furry-specific advertising. Flayrah is attempting to improve this situation with the credit coupons mentioned above.

I'm sick of ads - how can I turn this off?

Registered users can click the "edit" tab after logging in, scroll to "Block configuration", deselect the "ad" blocks, and save.