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It’s the year of .xyz – we’re LIVE!

Tue 3 Jun 2014 - 19:40

.xyz is finally here! We launched yesterday morning at 9 am (PDT) and what a whirlwind it was. #GenXYZ, did you get your favorite .xyz domain names?

Thanks to all of your support and #GenXYZ love, we received over ______ registrations for .xyz domain names within the first 24 hours – that number makes our launch one of the most successful in internet history! We heard your flooding registrations crashed some servers – an impressive feat, we must say. But we’re so thankful and excited that everyone hung in there and got their .xyz names.

Sorry to keep you in the dark, but can you guess what the registration number was? We had a little bet going on in the office to see who could most accurately guess the first day registration number, the Price is Right style. We wanted to spread the fun and keep it a mystery for a little bit – check out this clip from our launch day to find out the magic number:

Oh, and one more thing. In case you missed our tweet yesterday, check this out. Any guesses on what he could be up to?:


So marks the first day of the world with .xyz. This is just the beginning of the Generation XYZ movement, so stay tuned by following @xyz on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and hear insights straight from the horse’s mouth at CEO and Founder Daniel Negari’s blog. Until next time, #GenXYZ.

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The .xyz Launch Countdown Begins

Sun 1 Jun 2014 - 17:53

Are you ready, #GenXYZ?!

It’s the eve of .xyz’s general availability launch day and we’re all giddy with excitement. We’re resetting the internet at 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC) tomorrow by having .xyz domains becoming available to everyone, in every corner of the world. All you early actors who preregistered your perfect .xyz domain names will also find out if you’re a proud owner of those names (it’s like patiently waiting for your birthday present – your .xyz birthday present).

And it’s still not too late! You still have time to preregister at any of our partnering registrars, giving you the best chance at securing your favorite .xyz domain names.

Hop on over to, type in the .xyz domain name you want to call your own, and voila! A list of friendly registrar partners who will register that name for you (and their low prices) will appear in a snap. Click the registrar that catches your eye and with a few clicks of your mouse, you’ve preregistered your soon-to-be, shiny new .xyz name.

If you need a little inspiration, check out this awesome list of premium .xyz names. We hand-picked thousands of cool, catchy (and some blush-worthy), .xyz names for you to easily browse through. It’s basically window shopping from the comfort of your computer, phone, or tablet :)

And so the final countdown begins. At 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC) tomorrow, the .xyz movement officially starts. As the domain name for every website, everywhere – made especially for you, #GenXYZ – we can’t express how excited we are to see the innovations that you will bring to the world through your .xyz domain names.

Last but not least, check out .xyz CEO and Founder Daniel Negari’s blog post for an inspiring read before the launch – you won’t regret it. If he can’t hype you up about our launch, no one can.

We have so many awesome announcements in store for you, so be sure to follow us @xyz on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And don’t forget to give us some shout outs and let us know what your new .xyz domain names are!

We’ll see you on the other side, #GenXYZ — the other side where .xyz is the domain extension for the new generation of the internet.

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Mon 19 May 2014 - 17:16

How’s it going, #GenXYZ?

We have a ton of exciting updates for you as we’ve been plugging away here at the XYZ headquarters, gearing up for the June 2 global launch of .xyz. Things are picking up at lightening speeds as the folks at VentureBeat featured us as the new alternative to .com, and major brands like Facebook, Google, WordPress, and Chanel all snatched their .xyzs. More brands are following these early adopters, just showing how fast our #GenXYZ community is already growing!

If you’re getting antsy, take advantage of the .xyz Landrush phase.
With only hours left in the brand-exclusive Sunrise period, .xyz will be shifting into the Landrush phase, where brands and individuals can secure premium .xyz domain names before the general public. What kinds of cool .xyz names are up for grabs? Here’s a glimpse of a few of the awesome .xyz domain names that you could be the proud owner of, starting May 20:

Fourth ever .xyz website:
On another note. Is anyone out there dating? Or spy fans? We’re proud to introduce the fourth ever .xyz website –! Why And spies…? Our UK readers might have already seen the 123-reg TV ads and are in the know. If not, be sure to keep an eye out for some awesome new promos on the tube (if you’re in the UK) – or just jump the gun and watch the clip below – and it will soon all make perfect sense. Don’t forget to have some fun with our spy name generator.

Call dibs on that .xyz domain name you’ve been eyeing.
Back to business. On top of premium Landrush registrations, you can pre-register your favorite .xyz domain names right now (think of it as calling dibs on the .xyz you want at the lowest, ~$10 general availability price) through retailers like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, 123-Reg, and Come launch date on June 2, these fine folks will try their best and hardest to secure the .xyz domain name you pre-registered. Fret not – if they happen to let it slip, you will get a full refund (but still might have a little residual summertime sadness from losing that .xyz you were eyeing).

Everyone is invited! Join us in a live webinar.
As many of you know, our CEO Daniel Negari is the youngest registry operator at just 28 years old. Despite his young age, Daniel is a veteran investor who has done over $100 million in domain name transactions. He will be sharing his extensive knowledge of the domain name industry in a webinar this Wednesday, discussing everything from the value and challenges of new domain extensions, to pro tips on how to select a winning new TLD from the crowd.

Ascio presents: New gTLDs: Finding winners amongst the chaos
Featuring .xyz & .College CEO Daniel Negari
Wednesday, May 21 at 15:30 BST
Join the conversation and RSVP now

I think that just about covers (almost) everything we’ve been up to. We still have some exciting things cooking up for you #GenXYZ, so be sure to follow us on Twitter @xyz, Facebook, or Instagram for the most up-to-date .xyz news.

With our global launch just right around the corner, you’ll soon be seeing more .xyz domain names in that navigation bar of yours. What will you do with your .xyz? If you’re willing to share some of your crazy/amazing ideas (we won’t steal them, maybe) be sure to use #GenXYZ and tag us on the social media of your choice. If not, we can’t wait to see them once they’re live!

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.xyz – The Next .com

Mon 7 Apr 2014 - 20:08

#GenXYZ, did you hear? .xyz’s main man, Daniel Negari, was featured on National Public Radio this morning. NPR!

NPR’s interview with Daniel aired earlier today on the Morning Edition, reaching over 10 million listeners. Were you one of them? Comparing .com to the crowded island of Manhattan, NPR’s David Kestenbaum described .xyz as the next .com.

Now that the cat is really out of the bag, make sure to beat the rush by registering your favorite .xyz domain names now with some of our registrar partners like, and Internet X. .xyz is currently accepting Sunrise registrations from trademark holders until May 20 and priority pre-registrations until we reach general availability on June 2.

Hear Daniel’s clip below, and be sure to check out the whole story at NPR. With news this big, there have already been a few follow up pieces written by the people over at DomainNameWire and TheDomains.

Things are happening, and they’re happening fast. Stay up-to-date by following us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram @xyz.

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Wanted: #XYZsquad at SXSW – Offering Rewards

Fri 7 Mar 2014 - 18:14

Happy SXSW, #GenXYZ!

If you caught any of our recent tweets, you already saw glimpses of our bold purple man, officially known as a member of the #XYZsquad.


For all you lucky people at SXSW (or the always envied Austin locals), keep your eyes peeled and cameras on for the elusive #XYZsquad this Sunday. If you catch them in the wild, take a photo and share it with us @XYZ on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #XYZsquad for a chance to win great prizes.

Not at SXSW? Not a problem. Retweet an #XYZsquad photo for your chance to win (and increasing the chance for the original tweeter to win — double winning).

Keeping Austin weird with the #XYZsquad — let’s do this!



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#XYZolympics Closing Ceremony

Tue 4 Mar 2014 - 20:06

You’ve probably heard that the US women’s bobsled duo picked up a well-deserved silver medal in Sochi, but did you know who won the gold at the #XYZolympics? Let’s recap.

After we announced our official sponsorship of the New Zealand bobsled team, we wagered a friendly (yet possibly deadly) #XYZolympics bobsled bet against They were represented by their Community Evangelist, Jared Ewy, while the big man himself, Daniel Negari, put his life on the line to compete on behalf of .xyz. Both parties quickly jumped into physical training, wardrobe selection, and some good ol’ fashion social media trash talking.

As promised, the camera crew followed the newly-minted bobsled athletes to Whistler, closely documenting the lead-up to the big race. A pre-race sneakpeak shows the two as they learned all the “worst case scenarios,” tips to avoid your underwear melting to your body (hint: roll, don’t slide), and the exciting reveal of the awesome bobsled with .xyz freshly painted across the nose.

Now for the bet.

As if catapulting down an icy course at 85 mph in a metal vessel wasn’t enough, Daniel and Jared added a little something more to increase the pressure — after all, they’re here to represent their brands.

If Jared wins, Daniel must “enthusiastically, to the point of harassment, talk about and how great it is,” all while wearing a bobsled helmet.

Upon Daniel’s triumph (naturally, as the domain extension for every website, everywhere), Jared must don the full-body .xyz. That meant, Jared must cover himself head-to-toe in .xyz stickers, for one whole day: the full-body .xyz.

They shook on it.

So who won the race? Check out this epic video as the two zip down the most dangerous bobsledding track in the world. And the best part? Catch all the drama, alleged scandal, and cashing in on the bet, as we conclude this season’s #XYZolympics.

Read up on the full story in our press release, which was picked up by WND.

With our launch just right around the corner, we have more exciting promotions up our sleeves (or should I say, up our purple suits…) As always, our eyes and ears are peeled for you guys, #GenXYZ, so connect with us and stay in the know by following @xyz and our Facebook and Instagram!

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Tue 25 Feb 2014 - 18:18

How’s it going, #GenXYZ?

We’re doing fantastic, by the way. We just made history by launching the first ever .xyz website to ever hit the internet. See for yourself at The new-and-improved site has the same familiar look you all love, but we’ve added some awesome new design elements to make browsing more fun and interactive. Our highly-anticipated launch dates are now front and center on the homepage, and we’ve made it even easier to learn all about .xyz, read our featured press, and access our most important files.

In case you’re wondering how this is all possible, it’s because ICANN delegated .xyz to us on February 19th. Pretty cool, huh? And this is just the beginning. On March 20th, we will be launching our sunrise phase – an exclusive 60-day period that allows brands to get first dibs on their trademarks. Next comes the landrush. Between May 20th-31st, anyone can participate in priority registration to land the .xyz domain name of their dreams. And then…drumroll please…general availability starts on June 1st! That’s right, everyone all over the world will finally be able to register that short, flexible, and memorable .xyz domain they’ve been eyeing at an uber-competitive price.

When you register a .xyz, you’re getting more than just a domain name – you’re joining Generation XYZ. No matter when you were born, where you live, or what you do on the internet, you are connected with every other #GenXYZer in our global community. We are creating choice, accessibility, and innovation online, and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing new sites that emerge from the next generation of internet users.

We’ve got a ton more exciting news to come, including a bobsled update from our fearless leader, Daniel Negari. Be the first to know by following us on Twitter @XYZ, and don’t forget to tag #GenXYZ on your social media platform of choice.


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What is Generation XYZ?

Tue 18 Feb 2014 - 20:26
What is Generation XYZ?

Generation XYZ is everyone. It combines Generations X, Y, and Z to create a whole new generation inspired by the internet and its limitless potential. .xyz is one of the first unrestricted platforms for people all over the world to share their passions, cultivate knowledge, and express themselves.

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.xyz is for generation xyz

Thu 13 Feb 2014 - 20:20
Who is .xyz for?

.xyz is for everyone. It is for users who prioritize affordability and recognition without sacrificing flexibility, and intended for a multitude of demographics, including (but not limited to):

  • Individuals and businesses
  • Domestic and international users who want a flexible domain extension
  • Existing domain owners who want a shorter version of their URL
  • Creative users who want a bold and fresh URL with .xyz

This wide audience makes up the universal collective we like to call Generation XYZ.

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What generation are you?

Wed 12 Feb 2014 - 20:27
What generation are you? Generation X 1960-1980

Named after Douglas Coupland’s novel Generation X: Tales from an Accelerated Culture, this is the first generation to grow up amidst digital technology. These overly-educated Gen Xers have been represented by the likes of Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, and Steven Soderbergh. They grew up eager to create change through social institutions, rather than in spite of them. With .xyz, Gen Xers will be able to continue spreading their message in a way that is both new and familiar.

Domain Name Ideas For Generation X

Generation Y 1977-2004

Also known as the Millennial Generation, Generation Y is all about interaction. As a group constantly sharing, streaming, and updating, Ys are heavily influenced by MTV and digital technology. With icons like Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan, this generation has been raised to dream big, making .xyz the perfect stage to share their stories.

Domain Name Ideas For Generation Y

Generation Z Early 2001-Present

The Pluralist Generation is growing up in a diverse, fragmented world, held together only by the constant communication provided through the internet. Always connected, they’ve never known a world without smart phones, computers and the web. Z’s are truly digital natives, and .xyz will be the platform leading them into the next generation of the internet.

Domain Name Ideas For Generation Z

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It’s time to say goodbye!

Wed 10 Jul 2013 - 22:46

So DailyFurBlog has brought us near and far! We covered stories and educated many on the fandom, but sadly I can not handle the work load. I have worked with Jackson who did an amazing job, but sadly still the views still dropped and a “furry blog” did not work out. I must say this mostly stems on the process of many other furries making their own blogs elsewhere as well as DFB not hamming it up enough to attract others.

As you may or may not know I am mainly giving up DFB because of Furry Video ShowDown on  YouTube . If you want to head there and see me up close, please CLICK HERE!

Goodbye everybody and thank you for making DFB what it was and will be in our memories!

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Santa Ana Furry Fandom Art Show

Wed 29 May 2013 - 18:31

Hey Everyone!

I hope you have gotten a chance to take a look at Sy Husky’s season 1 finale of FVS which you can find HERE.

In other news I found an article talking about Santa Ana, California having a furry art show from June 1st to June 29th at a gallery called Avantgarden. The collection of furry art is said to be curated by Rodney Stansfield and will be up along with other art from other artists. So if anyone is around that part of California why not stop in and see the gallery?

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Interviewing Sy Husky

Wed 22 May 2013 - 15:46

Well guys I was meaning to let you know the interview was completed last Sunday. For those of you who got your questions in they were indeed asked. Now the interview was completed Sunday, but due to technical difficulties we had to re-shoot it on Monday night. Don’t worry though his answers are still truthful, he didn’t really have time to prepare any answers so its very honest and hilarious. I’m hoping he keeps a few of the out takes because there were times we both got laughing.

Keep an eye out on FVS for the video, it should be coming out sometime in the next few days I think.

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What would you like to know?

Sat 18 May 2013 - 14:25

First off let me apologize for letting the Daily (Lets use that term loosely) Fur Blog get away from me. In the future I will try to make posts more regularly. That being said, if you think there is something I should be made aware of that is going on in the fandom let me know! You can leave a comment here or you can tweet me @jacksondivision .

Now, many of you will not know this but I was asked by Sy Husky, the owner of DFB and FVS to help him with a little Q&A sessions he wanted to do for the final episode of FVS season 1. The plan is to shoot the episode tomorrow so you have between now and that time to comment with any questions you want me to ask him. Be sure to also type if you want to be mentioned or if you want to remain anonymous.

Can’t wait to see your questions!

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For the BI-Furryous Furs

Mon 6 May 2013 - 17:35

Hey everybody!

I just found a link to some awesome t-shirts that I thought you might like. So if you are BI-Furryous enough, click the link HERE.

The design is by Bluefoxalope. They don’t have much up but click HERE to go to their portfolio or if you want to follow them on twitter.

Please note art used was designed by the artist Bluefoxalope.

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Two for the Price of One

Fri 3 May 2013 - 17:45

Welcome to another sexy, sultry adventure in Foxy Fridays. Due to technical difficulties involving alcohol and three different flavours of gelato I was unable to post last weeks Foxy Friday post. So thus you will have to make due with two.

First: Though this doesn’t really go under the term “foxy” it does relate to something all of us have experienced in some way. Be it from a one night stand, an online over friendly person, or someone you just met at a con. The article HERE talks about what it affectionately refers to as “The Little Mermaid Syndrome.” With some rather blunt examples the author points out that due to things like Disney romances where everyone lives happily ever after people are inclined to go to some rather drastic lengths for whom they believe could be their Prince Charming. The article is definitely worth a read.

Second: Okay, so I have no clue if this is for real or not. However I just read an article about three men in Saudi Arabia who were considered to sexy and were deported because of it! I mean seriously?! Send them over this way if you don’t like how hot they are, I’m sure we can find room in oh so many places. The article goes on to point out different “precedents” that go as far back as the Bible. So if this is true and it actually happened I just have to laugh because just imagine being one of those guys. Walk up to somebody at a bar and say “You know, I was deported from a country for being too sexy.” BAM! Done! Best. Pick-up line. EVER.

Artists Used in Descending Order:



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Vote for Your Favorite Mascot!

Fri 3 May 2013 - 16:11

Currently the Pan American Games, which will be in Canada for July 2015, is holding a contest to vote for your favorite mascot! These drawings are the 6 finalists that Canadian children have drawn and submitted. People can vote once a day until May 5th 2013. So be sure to vote for which one you want to see!

If you want to read more about the Pan Am Games click HERE.

To vote and see all 6 finalists click HERE.

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I’m on a BOAT!!

Sat 27 Apr 2013 - 14:12

If you live in London, like furries and enjoy water here is your chance to have a blast. So I was just informed this crazy fur meet is happening again this year; July 19th to be exact. Check out the link below, because it looks pretty bad-ass with parties and a fur suit walk. In 2011 350 furries showed up to do the walk, which is like a convention by itself.



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Sexy Toons Meet Gallery

Thu 25 Apr 2013 - 20:05

Remember those naughty little toons you used to scribble on note books or a scrap piece of paper at work while you were bored and didn’t feel like starting another game of solitaire? Well in Culver City California there is a gallery opening for a short time called “Gag Me With A Toon 5″. As in this is the fifth gallery showing of this nature. Oh my god, where have you been all my life?! Well… the obvious answer is in California.

So what are these inappropriate pieces of possible pornographic pictures? (Yes the alliteration was intentional.) Well you can read about what sorts of things have been done at earlier galleries here.


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One Fox, Two Fox, Three Fox, More?

Fri 19 Apr 2013 - 13:15

Hello Hello and welcome to another addition of Foxy Fridays!

If you haven’t yet realized that this is probably a post not to look at while at work then I have no sympathy for you.

A recent article I read on Polyamory: A relationship not restricted to two individuals particularly in the aspect of physical affection… a.k.a sex. Now whether you are for polyamory, or against it, or don’t care/ have never heard of it before. It is a topic that is gaining more and more pull. I think what I like about this article is that it’s not saying that Polyamory is better than Monogamy. It simply states you should follow what is right for you and not feel ashamed about it. Thoughts?

Artists in descending order of use:





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