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Book review – Furry Planet: A World Gone Wild is an enjoyable tour of furries around the world.

Mon 13 Nov 2023 - 06:15

Welcome to guest writer Grubbs Grizzly.

Furry Planet is an Interesting Complement to Furry Nation – by Grubbs Grizzly

Six years ago, author Joe Strike released Furry Nation: The True Story of America’s Most Misunderstood Subculture (Cleis Press), a nicely comprehensive history of the furry fandom. Being very interested in the fandom, I naturally bought and read it. So, when Strike released Furry Planet: A World Gone Wild (includes History, Costumes, and Conventions) (Apollo), I of course purchased it as well.

The book is not what I expected.

Reading the title, I thought it was going to be more history, expanding upon the U.S.-focused first title with a history of conventions and furry culture in Europe, Asia, and other continents. In the book’s introduction, Strike even writes: “Furry Planet: A World Gone Wild remedies Nation’s oversight of the global furry community and in the following pages you’ll meet furs based worldwide who have been inspired by our misunderstood subculture….”

The first chapter, “It’s a Furry World,” starts off promising to stick to what I thought was the book’s premise with a brief look at the U.S. before moving on to a 28-page whirlwind tour of fandoms in the U.K., Europe, Russia, Singapore, China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Most of the book after this, however, is about furriness outside the fandom. That is, how anthropomorphic arts have pervaded world cultures in everything from sculpture and paintings to film and performance arts.

This is some fascinating stuff. Strike, through interviews and research, has uncovered a lot of truly interesting tidbits about human culture, ranging from the humorous to the slightly disturbing. For example, there is a lengthy interview with Dr. Stuart Sumida, a paleontologist and expert on human and animal anatomy who has served as a consultant on many animated anthro-animal movies such as Brother Bear and How to Train Your Dragon. Dr. Sumida offers insights into how to create believable anthro animals. Strike interviews some avant-garde artists, as well, such as Anthony Ausgang, a leader in the “lowbrow artists movement”; Swedish sculptor Margit Brudnin, who is known for her large anthro-rabbit pieces; and performance artist and director Rob Roth, whose Craig’s Dream is about a homeless wolflike creature’s sad plight.

These are just a few of the interviews and discussions of various mainstream artists, some of them American, some of them from other countries. Mixed in with these chapters are discussions of literature, furry costuming, cartoons, Japanese monsters, video games, TV shows, and so on. Some of the players are furry (such as Patch O’Furr from Dogpatch Press and Dr. Courtney Plante of FurScience), and others are not (as noted above). It concludes with Strike’s musings as to whether or not furry will (or should) enter the mainstream.

This is a desultory, peripatetic performance that makes the book more easily digestible chapter-by-chapter, rather than reading it cover-to-cover. It’s rather like playing Pokémon Go in which you are exploring the world and Strike’s book serves as your mobile phone through which you are able to discover interesting creatures to capture, which makes the book best suited for readers with short attention spans. It’s enjoyable and interesting, with lots of little-known factoids (such as the story of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien at a party wearing some unusual garb), but disorganized in a way that disallows any possibilities for a smooth narrative.

Exacerbating this problem is the lackluster cover and page design (not even running headers or footers?) from the publisher, as well as the handling of illustrations. There is literally only one illustration in the main body of the book (comparing primagens and protogens) with 31 color illustrations at the back of the book. Now, grouping color photos at the back (or, more typically, in the middle) of a book is an understandable (and oft-used) way to save some printing costs on glossy paper while providing nice graphics. However, if you’re going to do that, it would have been immensely helpful to the reader to provide in-text page references for them. For example, when talking about Brudnin’s sculptures, add a note sending the reader to the photos in back (oh, and add page numbers to the photo pages next time, please, Apollo). A much better strategy would have been to put more black-and-white illustrations in the book’s main text, and then, for fun, add extra color photos in the back (or middle). Also, the book has extensive endnotes, which is great, but an index would have been appreciated.

Furry Planet is an enjoyable read, full of discoveries and surprises, but one that needs better focus and definitely a less misleading title and marketing. It’s really not a standalone book, but more of a supplement to Strike’s Furry Nation. I would recommend you buy Nation first, read it, and then get Furry Planet. Both are worthwhile and fun tours of the fandom from very different perspectives.

About the Author

Grubbs Grizzly is the owner of Uncle Bear Publishing, LLC (, which specializes in furry nonfiction. He is also the columnist for “Ask Papabear” ( and runs the annual Good Furry Awards (

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Zoologist Adam Britton convicted for dog torture crimes that connect to furry fandom.

Fri 29 Sep 2023 - 03:42

Content warning for discussing animal and child abuse.

Adam Britton was once an internationally respected animal expert, a go-to guy for crocodile research. He worked for Charles Darwin University in Australia, National Geographic, and the BBC with famed nature documentarian David Attenborough. Then in 2022, Britton was caught for secret crime. Due to high profile, the legal process kept him anonymous to avoid undermining his trial until he pled guilty this week.

Australian news led the coverage. This is disturbing to read, and doesn’t even tell the graphic details.

Beginning in 2014, Britton became a sadistic rapist and killer of more than 42 dogs. He made videos of their torture to secretly share with an underground of fellow consumers on the internet. He also traded child abuse media, raising the level of his charges and showing the severity of animal exploitation.

“Prosecutors told the court Britton owned a shipping container on his property equipped with filming equipment and used the space “to torture, sexually exploit and kill dogs”.

Last year, police seized 44 items including computers, mobile telephones, cameras, external hard drives, tools, weapons, dog paraphernalia and sex toys.

Mr Aust [prosecutor] told the court that Britton operated a Telegram account which was used for the sole purpose of engaging in conversations with “like-minded people”, and that he used another account to upload and disseminate images and recordings of his crimes.

“Using these applications, the offender discussed his ‘kill count’ … and described the shipping container on his property as his ‘torture room’,” Mr Aust said.”

Sentencing is scheduled for December for 56 charges related to animal sex abuse (zoosadism), each with a maximum penalty of 3 years of jail. There were also 4 charges for accessing and sharing child abuse media. A close professional source told Dogpatch Press “it’s likely he’ll get the max sentence because of the egregious nature of his crimes.”

The crimes were calculated. Britton conned people who placed online ads hoping to find good homes for dogs they couldn’t keep, and led them to believe their dogs were getting good care after he killed them. He told an associate: “I can’t stop. I don’t want to” while feeding the demand of his audience.

Connection to furry fandom.

Before Britton’s trial, there was public news about the crimes that didn’t name him. The news circulated quietly among investigators and media professionals who had known him. People in both groups contacted Dogpatch Press. This led to a furry news article that connects some of this information, and adds parts only reported here so far.

During the investigation of Britton, Australian authorities tipped American law enforcement that one of his fellow traders was creating similar zoosadist videos. Ohio and Michigan resident Lucas Vanwoert faces charges on 4 counts. 

Lucas Vanwoert’s connection to Britton was reported by mainstream news, but they didn’t report that Vanwoert was active in furry fandom as “Graves.” Thanks to @keroarchive for reading legal documents and making this clear. 

Vanwoert’s photo from court documents and his tweet

Vanwoert exchanged over 700 files of animal abuse with Britton, and also killed dogs and traded child abuse files. The high amount of files indicates that these people were part of an underground trading network that intersects with furry fandom. Vanwoert hid in furry groups and made connections to like-minded people until his crimes became known. 

Heather Vanwoert, his wife, was also charged for 12 counts of crime to animals. This reporter hasn’t learned if she was active in furry fandom with him.

These weren’t lone actors. They were feeding demand of a sub-subculture of zoophiles. Vanwoert’s X/Twitter profile is still active (NSFW content). You can see furry zoophiles following his account. It shows zero follows by him, because he deleted them around when he was arrested. But he was too slow. This reporter was tipped fast enough to view Vanwoert’s pre-established, mutual zoophile connections that he wanted to hide.

They included familiar long-time members of furry groups who use fandom to secretly meet each other, and even openly argue that animals can consent and animal abusers deserve acceptance. These zoophiles use the zeta (ζ) symbol and hashtags like #zoopride to engage with their network.

It's sad that this crime came into furry fandom, and can not be ignored, because Vanwoert wasn't alone. He wasn't just networking with Adam Britton, but also with a sub-subculture of zoophiles. Vanwoert's profile is still active and you can see some following him.

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) September 26, 2023

Three problems of zoophile infiltration.

All communities have some crime and abuse. The important part is how to respond. A substantial response starts with naming problems and saying what the community is for, not hiding things with denial about what it isn’t. Many furries are there for art, and say animals can’t consent and they don’t tolerate zoophiles. But that alone doesn’t stop zoophiles from riding their (coat) tails and reaching for acceptance.

This leads to…

PROBLEM 1: Size and network effect. This zoophile furry group on Telegram has 1000+ members, and they have had a group that large since at least 2017. It justifies itself by claiming to oppose abuse, while splitting hairs about different kinds of abuse and redefining some as consent. Arguing that animals can consent inherently enables abuse, when there are no zoophile networks that don’t make demand for it between members.

Nuance: The size is significant, but this isn’t ammunition against furries itself, because it doesn’t prove there is higher frequency of this in fandom compared to the population outside. Reliable data must be hard to get, but it could be equal to latent frequency anywhere. Look at the classic 1948 book by Alfred Kinsey, Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Research found that between 8-50 percent of all American men in their sample groups claimed to have crossed the species line at some point (depending on farm proximity). Of course, latency is not openly organized with network effect.

If a 1000+ member “zoofur” group doesn’t prove frequency, and furry fans can deny guilt by association — what does the size show?

Opportunity. Try to name another group that 1000+ zoophiles use as cover to organize inside for acceptance, whether the cover group approves or not. has survey data from conventions, i would venture to say it must be hard to measure objectively but there may not be incidence different from the general pop. Maybe the issue isn't frequency but ability to organize by internet, using shelter of subculture.

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) September 27, 2023

PROBLEM 2: Corruption. Abuse scandals, like in the Catholic Church or Boy Scouts, happen when abusers bounce from place to place and keep abusing. Close watchers inside furry fandom can see problem people bounce from group to group with little organized opposition.

That isn’t just enabled by internet platforms and weak security when it also has permission from high places:

How high does corruption go? Look no higher than the longest existing furry convention, Eurofurence in Germany, and its single chairman since 1997. This person of social influence uses it to defend zoophilia by attacking “bigots” with whataboutism rhetoric — as if a vegan diet is required to oppose animal sex abuse — or as if they are a vegan convention with purity and superiority to backlash at concerns about abuse. Meanwhile…

Eurofurence chair’s belief since at least 2003: “many zoos are furries… I don’t find zoophilia reprehensible at all.”

Tweet from Eurofurence head of security in 2012. Note tiger userpic and a community habit of using separate “after dark” and main accounts.

PROBLEM 3: Limited power and consequences. Convictions of offenders as extreme as Britton and Vanwoert are rare. For animal crimes, victims can’t tell, human ones get priority, and local police are too busy or can’t go out of jurisdiction for internet crime. Charges are commonly dropped. State laws are “often poorly equipped to accomplish meaningful convictions” according to The Animal Legal Defense Fund, while for federal authorities, it’s often beneath their radar and left to states. This is slowly changing but it’s a big loophole where animal abuse networks stay outside justice.

As a result, saying “call the police” can be no better than punting the ball to nowhere. Sometimes it’s deliberate. “We can’t judge before a conviction” — gets flipped after a conviction to — “we can’t judge someone who paid the price”, meaning organizers are sitting on their hands. Even if the price paid was a tiny slap on the wrist for a repeat offender who did far more crime and the issue isn’t about banning but about extending privileges.

Nuance: Legal liability limits how conventions can ban people, because it sets a precedent that can get them sued for not banning someone else they aren’t aware of. Read that again until it makes sense. General screening or banning by conventions is not the point.

The points are:

  • Zoophile network members are all complicit with raising demand for abuse.
  • This abuse is unlikely to get solved by police, or it will just get weak consequences on single members.
  • The issue isn’t about catching single members, but undoing networks.


  • We don’t own most internet platforms that let abusers bounce from group to group.
  • That’s not just a problem for one weekend conventions, but for 365 days a year.
  • Even with these limits, police don’t run groups, YOU run them and can do something inside.

It can come down to choices of who and how you pay, trust, support, or make people aware. That can mean choosing who gets privileges of being a con dealer, guest of honor, accepted on staff, or simply who is welcome to be friends. None of those are asking cons to ban people. Opposing abuser networks can start personally and locally, and the next Britton and Vanwoert can have one less place to meet.

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Have you been approached by media producers about making a “dark” furry docu-series?

Mon 18 Sep 2023 - 05:29

NOTE: article topic is not to be confused with inside fandom-made documentaries. Please send confidential tips to:

In June, Dogpatch Press was approached by a company “developing a documentary that takes place in the world of furries.” True-crime was mentioned. This is something that Dogpatch Press covers — and isn’t a bad thing to ask, by itself.

Whenever media producers make contact, first they are checked to see if they’re real people with a history of solid work. If they are, they may get cooperation and support. I had already checked this company before they contacted me (with advance notice from others they contacted) and got a middling impression. Making some innocuous airtime filler isn’t so bad, because work is work.

I told them: “One long lasting annoyance about furries as a group is their dogma against “the media,” as if Fox News and PBS are the same thing. Actually I started my news site to push back on that. But I will be picky on what outlets I talk to, and look at their work before considering it.”

Then I gave an opinion that their proposed topic had low chances to get fandom cooperation — and got no further reply.

This September I was surprised to hear about more furries being approached by the same company. Here’s a snippet:

Now the proposal has increased from a single documentary, to a docu-series with “darker stories”. A story per episode might mean approaching many people.

Again it’s not bad to look at true-crime or darker stories — by itself — if the approach is good. But the new approach I was shown? It asks about a specific person, and their story has previously gotten careful consideration and doesn’t meet the standards of Dogpatch Press.

This site won’t blast out a name that isn’t newsworthy for much more than mental illness symptoms. A name whose brief connection to a major news story was cleared by police. If this was a serious approach, producers would already know it’s questionable to connect the name. It also risks some big ethical concerns about putting a private person in a spotlight.

The persistent but questionable approaching now makes me ask:

Has anyone else been approached by a production company? Please tip:

I’m being charitable in not publishing the company, their ideas, or names right now. That’s on the chance that these are innocuous or contracted people — and let’s avoid connecting opportunists to them if the motives aren’t good. (Bad interviews come to mind.)

I’m also keeping this vague in order to point out some possible suspicions, on the chance that they aren’t true.

It hasn’t been very long since another producer wanted to get inside the furry fandom.

Read on, then ask: can you trust ANY producer whose motives aren’t clear?

Suspicions and high alert

In February 2023, Dogpatch Press posted an alert: Furries warn each other about casting call for “Life As a Furry” TV show.

The story featured a separate producer, and pointed out red flags. Most alarmingly, he went on a podcast that hosted Republican strategist, insurrectionist and convicted criminal Roger Stone, AKA Satan. If you don’t live under a rock, you’ll know how right-wing sources (it is ALWAYS right-wing) keep lying about “furry kids demanding litter boxes in schools.” It’s part of a larger wave of bigotry. They refuse to stop spreading the lie because it riles up gullible voters. These liars will exploit without remorse, and must be guarded against if this community claims to care about its members who face the attacks. That’s why even a whiff of being close to Roger Stone puts a media producer under scrutiny. He chose to go on the podcast – his fault.

The producer was upset. Requests to take the story down were refused so the community could decide for itself what to trust.

From the communications I got, I sensed production money was invested by someone who may not give up that easily.

Which brings us to the current producer approaches.

Hollywood writer’s strike and unscripted programming

The February story Furries warn each other about casting call for “Life As a Furry” TV show concerned a proposed reality show. It has no obvious connection to the producers who approached me in June… However, their company social media posted a video of them attending a Netflix reality show exhibition a week before June. The writer’s strike in Hollywood made reality and unscripted programming much more in demand, while getting work has been hard. Hmm.

In an older interview, the February producer claimed he was behind 30-40 shows in production, but oddly almost none were publicly credited. Huh.

Put this all together and follow the money. Are there bad intentions towards this community following waves of “litter box” fake news?

Or is it just ordinary business, and how trustable is that even if there’s nothing else going on behind this docu-series?

Your history

In the history of furries in the media, some media has a lot of bad behavior to answer for. But don’t get me wrong… this point is coming from someone who made a news site to cover things that deserve more attention. It offers access to good faith media who can apply professional resources and the will to air things the community suppresses. That’s also a big problem. Ignorance and suppression brings private tips here all the time from people who can’t speak openly, for the same reasons whistleblowers are harmed anywhere. Don’t hate “the media”, because knowledge is power.

Public interest reporting is welcome here, bad faith is not.

UPDATE from Gamepopper in the UK – another effort by media producers there.

“Hello Patch,

I saw your recent post and thought I’d share this with you. Back in August, I got a message on my Facebook from a producer/journalist who wanted to do a documentary about “what being a furry really means, dispel any misconceptions, and create an accurate picture about the furry community”.

They didn’t provide any info on who they worked for, and when I sent a text response asking about what misconceptions they intended to discuss, they were insistent on talking over the phone. Was a little suspicious, so I looked them up, and it turns out they work for TalkTV.

TalkTV is a right-wing British free-to-air opinion-orientated television and radio channel owned and operated by News UK, owned/operated by Rupert Murdoch (also behind Fox News, for reference). The channel is currently best known for having Piers Morgan as one of its hosts.

Already made a warning to furmeet organisers in the UK, and although I’ve not heard anything since then, it could be possible they’re still trying to get British furries in particular involved in the project.

Hope this is useful.


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Peter S. Beagle warns fans not to trust The Last Unicorn movie page on Facebook

Tue 5 Sep 2023 - 03:00

Statement on Peter’s official Facebook page

The gall of these people.

Peter S. Beagle created The Last Unicorn, made millions of fans happy, then got dragged through elder abuse and had to go to court to stop it.

In his 70’s, Peter was supposed to be making his magic and enjoying the golden years. Instead he had to spend years of battling his former manager, Connor Cochran, who was found liable for financial elder abuse, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and defamation.

Before his disgrace, Cochran would try to sue critics for saying what he was doing, and wanted to shut me up that way. He failed when I sued him before Peter did.

Now Peter is back in control of his career. His official Beagleverse site has an FAQ about his battle with the court judgement showing the black-and-white truth.

But the Beagleverse site warns: “Unfortunately, there are still several websites controlled by Peter’s former manager. Beagleverse® is the best source for all things Peter S. Beagle.”

Peter doesn’t control a Last Unicorn Facebook page with an official check mark. It was made in 2008 before Peter sued Cochran, and is now being used to manipulate 182,000 followers.

Its anonymous managers are spreading references about Peter with evasive, tryhard, blowhard posts full of ageism. While they hide behind the official check mark from years ago, they’re also blocking the official team of Peter, the actual creator, while pretending to be a “fan” page for fair use of his creation. They’re misleading other fans who don’t know their agenda or what a court already judged.

Peter’s official statement about the page is open to comment and has hundreds of shares. Meanwhile, the latest “fan” post aiming at Peter is locked to comments and has some dozens of shares. You should see what some of the sharers are saying:

  • “I’m so tired of people talking BS about Peter S. Beagle, like he’s some old man who can’t do anything or doesn’t understand. He doesn’t deserve this treatment or abuse and this isn’t the first time it happened… Stop gaslighting his fans by claiming you’re just a fan page.”
  • “You don’t need to read the post below – tl;dr – deny, deflect, defend. It’s telling that this novella is in the same verbose, bloated language as when the former manager was trying to defend their defenseless position throughout the lawsuit. It’s also telling that a) no names are given on page ownership b) there’s hella ageist language being dropped here, and c) no comments are allowed…
    This is not how a fan account run by true fans of the work should behave. It’s embarrassing.”
  • “That’s a lot of words for “we’re lying” lmao”

If you’re a fan of Peter and his creations, be kind to other fans and let them know the movie Facebook page is NOT to be trusted.

Like the article? These take hard work. For more free furry news, follow on Twitter or support not-for-profit Dogpatch Press on Patreon. Want to get involved? Try these subreddits: r/furrydiscuss for news or r/waginheaven for the best of the community. Or send guest writing here. (Content Policy.)

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Gamepopper releases book Furtannia: The History of the Furry Fandom in the United Kingdom

Thu 24 Aug 2023 - 04:00

Hello, I’m Gamepopper, a British furry author of the newly released book Furtannia: The History of the Furry Fandom in the United Kingdom. Buy it at the link from Uncle Bear Publishing.

I’ve mentioned this book on Dogpatch Press in a guest article calling for preserving the furry fandom’s history, when it was under the (admittingly cheeky) working title of Furry Kingdom. This book tells a long and multi-faceted account of that history, but this time from the perspective of British furries.

The origins of the modern furry phenomenon can be traced to America — specifically, California — and it eventually grew and spread to other countries. The United Kingdom was one of the first places outside the United States to embrace Furry, but it wasn’t just a new discovery; a lot of media that inspired the modern-day fandom originated in England.

Furtannia covers that growth from the first housecons and furmeets in the UK, to conventions like ConFuzzled, and how they differ from American furcons. Along the way it covers unique British Furry media and events.

That growth was influenced by California fandom reaching towards an international presence almost since the beginning. In 1987, Mark Merlino, Rod O’Riley, and a few American fans hosted a furry hotel party in Brighton during the 45th World Science Fiction Convention. A handful of British science fiction and comic book fans travelled to the United States or purchased imported American comics, discovered the fandom, and kept in touch with each other.

An American group-wide visit to a comics festival in France led to half a dozen furry fans meeting some of these British fans at a house in Yateley in 1992. The event led to a regular furry housecon. The British fandom grew to the point where they could produce fanzines and comics and host furmeets, and eventually, their conventions began in 2008 with ConFuzzled, the second largest furry con outside of North America with 2,661 attendees in May 2023.

Furries in the United Kingdom have been known in online spaces, from FurryMUCK to chat rooms, mailing lists, discussion boards and web forums, all before social media, not to mention all the creative talent the British scene offers in art, writing, music, fursuit creation, and even furry radio. Furtannia collects this all into one background they share.

My writing process

This book has been a passion project of mine since 2019, after having an overwhelmingly positive reception towards a talk I did at ConFuzzled on the subject. I took my current two years of research and expanded further. I talked to more furries, visited libraries and archives, and read too many articles, discussion threads, and webpages than any furry would want to admit.

While I was writing the book, I learned a lot of aspects about the fandom I wasn’t aware of back during ConFuzzled 2019, such as how the furry fandom functioned when the world wide web was yet to be mainstream, or the ways furry fans produced fanzines.

It’s also had the fortune of recording and preserving some parts of history that would have been completely lost had I not done so. In that guest article on Dogpatch Press, I talk about how Yahoo wiped away mailing lists (a popular method for local furry groups to socialise through) from their databases. I managed to recover and archive a few that aided in my research.

Meanwhile, near the end of 2019, I got to speak with Ian Curtis, the organiser of the furry houses and one of the founding fathers of the British furry fandom, at his home in Yateley. He helped give insight into how the furry housecons ran back in the early to mid-1990s and shared various comics he had in his vast collection. It would shock most when his friends posted in September 2021 that he had passed away.

I initially planned to cover events up until the end of 2019. When COVID-19 hit, the emergency lockdown rules forcefully cancelled conventions. I had to record what happened in the furry community.

Overall, I am proud of myself for working my way to this book’s release so that furries worldwide can learn and hopefully expand the ever-growing knowledge of our fandom’s history. There were some hiccups near the end, a few delays, and online storefronts taking issue with our launch. Still, Furtannia can be purchased directly on Uncle Bear Publishing’s website below.

The book is also available on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback), Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, and other online book retailers.

My copy of ‘Furtannia’, a history of the UK #furryfandom written by @gamepopper, has arrived!

(I spot @all_the_ears on the cover.)

Next on order will be ‘Furry Planet’, @JoeStrike‘s sequel to 2017’s ‘Furry Nation’.

— Oliver (writer of ‘Komos & Goldie’) (@OliverGoldie1) August 6, 2023

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Furry beach-off: The truth about a fight with a megaphone at a California meet

Thu 17 Aug 2023 - 05:19

Event background video Sunset Beach Bonfire: Raccoon’s Den Episode 112

Blood was drawn by violence between furries in California’s Huntington Beach, in a story that’s raising hype and misinformation. The hot-button term “nazi” is part of it. So is years of peaceful history for hundreds of members, even when a fight between a few of them is like red meat for media vultures who don’t care about the background. Here’s a story with witness evidence for readers who care.

The setting was the 11th annual Sunset Beach Bonfire meet on August 12, 2023. This event in Southern California is so popular, the attendance rivals entire furry conventions. Members of their nearly 1000-strong chat group go for grilling and fursuiting with so many friends, they need a megaphone for crowd control, like to organize group photos. This is a party for people who are full of love and fun who have been very successful at growing it.

In March, the official update channel announced they had reserved space: “It’s a private location with a volleyball playground.” Remember it was private access. Tents and a fursuit lounge were provided to keep cool in the sun. Nobody expected the chill vibes to heat up with a megaphone being used for a weapon, a scuffle on the ground, and an arrest with charges still to get decided in court.

Me trying to see that one dude who beat the shit out of some guy with a megaphone. #Furry #MoreFurLessMonday

— Opos⏩Furvana (@Real_Opos) August 15, 2023

A short video clip of the fight went viral, with context twisted by the hype. It started with accounts for fight videos, then went to sensational tabloid and right-wing “news” sources with trashy reputations:

  • Man Attacked By Furry At Huntington Beach Meetup, Wild Video Shows – TMZ
  • Furry Fight: Chaos Erupts At California Beach ‘Furmeet’ As Pirate Furry Drills ‘Chud’ With Megaphone – Outkick
  • Bizarre moment man is attacked by FURRY after he’s caught filming fetish group in Huntington Beach – Daily Mail
  • Pirate furry tackled by cops for attacking man with megaphone at ‘Furmeet’ – Dexerto
  • Furious furries fight back after busting man filming them on beach – NY Post 
  • Man filming fetish group attacked by furries on beach – Toronto Sun
  • Furry Attacks Man at Huntington Beach – Total Frat Move
  • VIDEO: Furries Attack Man At Beach – Barstool Sports

Those are archive links to deny traffic for stories of conjecture and regurgitated, third-hand info. They don’t care about accuracy because they have agendas. It’s implied that there was an “attack” on a random man for simply recording the group (but in fact, there were years of provocation by inside members causing a problem). Some of them wedge in malicious bias by mocking pronouns, using “fetish” innuendo, and for no sane reason, comparing furries to “street thugs” who do retail looting. There have even been bewares in furry groups about right-wing news trying to get inside. To help debunk the fake news, Dogpatch Press can provide direct info with cooperation from people involved.

Fake news from “Longtime InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist David Knight”

Years of provocation – and why the Nazi term comes up

Apart from tabloid stories to blame the community, members tended to consider this to be community defense like a history of opposing neo-nazi infiltration in subcultures, from punks to furries. Were Nazi furries involved?

Quick points about the beach event:

  • The location was private and reserved, not public, and access could be denied.
  • Two people were banned from attending: Skaard and his boyfriend Renn (person hit with a megaphone).
  • Skaard is known for being in the neo-nazi Furry Raiders and doing the type of harassment the group is known for.
  • Dogpatch Press staff have been harassed by Skaard for reporting about neo-nazis, earning him a permanent block.
  • Skaard’s behavior went on for over six years and caused prior bans from furry groups and events, and they applied to enablers too.
  • Skaard and his partner knew they were banned from the beach meet, and picked the fight by going anyways.

Proof of years of provocation:

A witness statement and the aftermath

A source from the Sunset Beach Bonfire event explained the fight (identity withheld for security.)

“There were two people involved, Skaard (Nazi) and Renn (boyfriend to Nazi). Renn was the one who got bonked.

They were told previously that the two of them weren’t allowed to attend this meet; they ignored warnings on purpose. They were also escorted off premises at a similar meetup a week prior by law enforcement during the FurBQ. They have been banned from numerous southern Californian furry events because of death threats and harassment campaigns to the members, most of which were done verbally with no recordings, along with affiliation with the Furry Raiders, a known Neo Nazi Furry group.

We had a reserved area on the beach, and the staff of the event organizers were allowed limited control of who was or wasn’t allowed there. During the beginning of the confrontation, these people were told that they were allowed to go anywhere else on the beach other than our area which we had a reserved permit for. We also didn’t want them interacting with our suit lounge, which was part of the permit.

This was incident #3, and the other 2 incidents had been handled without further trouble. Law enforcement told us earlier in the day when the first incident occurred that they either wouldn’t help us, or couldn’t be able to help us.

Renn, who was recording the entire event the moment he walked onto the beach, after being talked to for over 5 minutes that they were not welcome, that they needed to leave, and that the person who owns the permit didn’t want them there, he basically said “Too bad, I’m not leaving.”

It’s regrettable that it came to violence, but there shouldn’t be regret about who it happened to. There was an attempt to just be loud at them using the megaphone to annoy them into leaving first. After Renn was hit, the alleged hitter was then tackled to the ground and pinned by a non-furry bystander. He didn’t resist being detained.”

The alleged hitter was arrested and booked at the county jail, then released after arraignment. The charge was Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon, but it was reduced to a misdemeanor. The court ordered no contact by the accused with Skaard or Renn. A next court date is in September for the process of going to trial.

Editor’s opinion

This isn’t a story of furries confronting nazis using nazi symbols and trying to do hate crime at the event. It was inside conflict with people who refused to take “no” after bans. They happened to be a past nazi-sympathizer and enabler who wanted control to undermine healthy gatekeeping. It was up to the community to handle their intrusion after police wouldn’t. That’s about behavior more than politics, but can still count as community defense. If people want to cheer for punching nazis, it’s smart to consider the cost and try to avoid giving them what they want.


As the owner of these stolen photographs, I have contacted Daily Mail about their licensing violation, negotiated a settlement, and am proud to announce that I will be using that money to buy my next fursuit.

— Scotty (@ScottyWuff) August 17, 2023


An attempted debunking was made to show an alternative truth to the experiences of a community who put up with 6 years of bad actors pushing in. It’s a longwinded journey that starts with a pre-made conclusion – forget how one called himself a “nazifur”, these aren’t “nazis”, so calling them nazis must be the real problem. This sets up the end goal of whataboutism at fed-up people.

Along the way it elevates the bad actors by swerving through excuses, speculation, and dubious assertions. It couldn’t have kept a straight story anyways, because most of the community refused to talk for it. (“The SoCal furries have included me in their media blackout order, so I’ve only been able to pick up that side of things by secondhand reports”, the author wrote to me.) It doesn’t disclose that reason for partial results… and they were right to be suspicious, when the whole thing was made to confuse cause and effect in the 6 year pattern with the common denominators.

6 reasons to skip it

1) Unreliable source. The author was previously most known by furries for doing a hoax that inflamed hate against furries from right-wing smear accounts. It was excused with justifications that you can entertain if you want to indulge everything else wrong here. The site host is also known for apologism about transphobia and overindulging obvious bad actors.

2) Bad faith. When bad actors push for 6 years, is it a surprise if someone pushes back? Or is the surprise that it took that long? Handwringing about reactions sets all that aside. Then it goes back to say the original offense was just “asking for rides.” That’s an obvious bad-faith reduction of disrespect, meltdowns, and threats that went along with it. The whole thing copes and swerves around such inconveniences, making a checkerboard of omissions to defend the two common denominators. They are absolved for problem after problem that got them dismissed from group after group over 6 years. Their feud with Golden State Fur Con is not even mentioned, where they were dropped from staff for bad behavior, then attacked the con with bad faith claims that it was “stolen” from them! (The firing had nothing to do with calling them “nazis.”) This distorted defense goes up to dismissing a BBQ incident that got police/rangers involved, because if police wouldn’t help, it must not matter. If someone threatens you, how many chances do you give them, anyways? Zero is all you owe, period. You don’t owe justifying your “No”. But the piece presumptuously declares, “there is no justification for treating someone as irredeemable based on their beliefs alone” — uh, bullshit. That’s not for us to decide for fed-up people, especially while minimizing threats.

3) Poor excuses. It all stands on one very unbelievable excuse. It’s fine to point out a confusing look of “not-nazis” acting leftish, but not while excusing a “not-nazi” for displaying swastikas… because… he was only 20. That’s not a child. Then we’re supposed to trust that the “not-nazi” who ranted against SJW’s for making him remove a swastika was just being an ironic edgelord but somehow also an innocent “socialist” member of furry nazis to “spy” on them. A claim with zero evidence of spying. Real spies don’t use main accounts, and guess what? There were real spies, they were organized, they knew each other, and this person wasn’t one. I know because I was there. We’re supposed to memory-hole how a not-nazi got pissed off about removing swastikas, because of posting leftish memes somewhere else. I would love to hear the math behind this: does a Bernie Sanders meme neutralize 2 swastikas and an n-bomb? Keep in mind that virtue-signalling isn’t actually incongruent as claimed, and being a 9/11 conspiracy truther helps to show how little you can trust these people for anything at all.

What a liar looks like

4) Platforming liars. To bolster the spy excuse it quotes Foxler, a person known for running the organized-crime-like Furry Raiders, claiming to be into bestiality, and child sex offending. Gosh if you ask a creep like that for the truth what do you think will happen? In another section it presents lying about me from someone going by “HeWhoRoarks” (about a story I didn’t write.) The results of this were…

5) Bad assertions. The piece claims complete truth based on half-assed, impossible to confirm information. Searching a Furry Raiders Telegram group for messages from the “spy” didn’t find any, so they say, (let’s be charitable about how many accounts they go through there.) But Furry Raiders were also on Discord during his membership. A spy would be on Discord and so would a gamer, when the worst activity was there. It was so bad that Discord repeatedly banned and deleted their groups along with a wider sweep. This wasn’t even considered for the narrative, and the excuse about learning this later was special pleading about not getting Discord records after not asking for them. While hypocritically failing to show evidence of “spying”. Which takes this back to #3.

6) Bad priorities. The big reason to skip it is how the whole thing treats nazi threats as overblown and just about personal spats. When cons have been canceled because of them, and they have terrorist organizers and mass shooters, don’t waste your time looking for the list of leftists who do any of that. But the priority is to excuse a 6 year pattern from bad actors who picked a fight, in order to do whataboutism at a threatened community. Based on the effort already expended you won’t see anything better from that source than lip service about the big picture. They just don’t care about all this evidence, because when you break down all the feigned bad-faith “reasonable” “centrism” as I’ve just done, what you’re left with is the ugly dishonesty at their hearts. It wasn’t journalism – it was counterprogramming made to manipulate people and get them complacent about bad actors, including the ones doing the apologism. If you ever see them come posing as reliable media again – beware!

Admitting being among “Aushwitz RP” and mass bans, but not being liable, trust me bro… Claiming naivety at age 20? K 👌

I don't know what I expected from the Blocked And Reported podcast by Jesse Singal and Katie Herzog, but, ya know, really digging the bait and switch here.

"I'm just seeing no evidence of anyone involved being a Nazi! How absurd!"

"oh well I mean other than the Nazi stuff"

— Michael Paulauski (@mike10010100) September 8, 2023

He created his fursona as a Nazi

He repeatedly hung out online as that fursona

When others noticed that fursona was a Nazi, he called them "SJWs"

When others chose not to associate with him, he showed up, in person, to "settle things"

Come the fuck on

— Michael Paulauski (@mike10010100) September 8, 2023

(Also, showing up to an event where the organizers have said you’re not welcome is creepy stalker behavior in and of itself and frankly one of the few times I’d get the cops involved, though I understand why people might not, ACAB and all.)

— Isabel Cooper (@ICooperAuthor) September 8, 2023

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Vote now! NorCal Furries shortlisted for Best Contingent award in San Francisco Pride Parade.

Fri 4 Aug 2023 - 04:51


Samayoukodomo (more)

Each June, millions of people see the San Francisco Pride parade. Hundreds of thousands of attendees cheer for over 200 contingents. For 2023, five contingents are shortlisted to win the Best Overall Contingent award. Northern California Furries have the huge honor of being one of the five.

You can help win big positive recognition for furries everywhere. Spread the message and get everyone you know to vote!

Voting Poll is here: – Don’t wait, the poll is open until August 15.

Their history in the parade goes back to 2002, and this isn’t their first recognition. They have received multiple “fabulous” and “outrageous” awards. But being shortlisted for Best Contingent is the most recognition yet.

Organizer Zoren called the 2023 event “another wonderful time. We had around 150 (or more) show up and march and had fun showing our pride. It’s also becoming fairly clear, that SF pride loves seeing us. We don’t do it for the awards and acclaim, but nonetheless, we have won awards prior years for being our fabulously outrageous selves. Thus with much excitement, I’m happy to announce that Northern California Furries has again been nominated for an award for how much Pride we show. We along with four other contingents are in the running for Best Overall Contingent in the 2023 SF Pride Parade. Yeah that’s right THE BEST. How do we win that though? Well it is a community award so it takes all of you and even more from the community voting for us.”

Zoren emphasizes that it’s about raising pride, not just awards: “we will indeed return to party again in the future. Because, that’s really what matters.”

Northern California Furries brought 150+ members to the 2023 @SFPride parade, and now they are nominated for an award for Best Overall Contingent.

Vote for NorCal Furries to help them win:

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) July 14, 2023

Post-Pride Review

Organizers said the crowds “loved to cheer and howl back… it was deafening.” There was a migration by public transit in fursuit to reach the parade; it was “super good for morale and for people around us.” A popular afterparty was hosted by group member Relay, and access to his place was valuable in case anyone checked out during the parade. 

Organizer Spottacus compared the Norcal Furries to previous furry parades apart from Pride. Spottacus said: “We stand on the shoulders of those that came before us, but whoah are we different.”

Spottacus felt that other groups “worried about what OTHER people thought more than they worried about how WE felt. It was important to act Normie, and not scare the family. It was important to blend in. It was important that very outwardly LGBT people NOT be allowed to talk to the media. It was very important to please the OGs. There were fears of what “people” thought, and rules on how furries should behave, rigorously applied by a team of leaders. After all, there were Children there (sound familiar? Think DeSantis). It was very serious business, even if that made it less fun. We were representing and no one should smear the team image. All for one. In essence: we know better, you should behave within these boundaries.

We started with strong discouragement and angry pushback from the old guard. We said: HEY! We do not care what people in Iowa think of us. Just come as you are. And we came: old and young, latex and in fur, as fembois and gender queer. And sometimes naked. We didn’t say “what will the families think?” (though we did discuss it internally). We just said: “HEY! Just Be you.”

Our parade could not have happened without other groups and for this we are thankful. Our parade couldn’t have happened without the Stonewall Protest (it was NOT a riot). We stand on these excellent shoulders. But what we have achieved is so different and so empowering. Forget gender appropriate (again, Fuck you DeSantis), we aren’t even species appropriate. And… and… they LOVE us. The kids too. I can dress as a femboi dragon, ON TV!, and they love us. We are strong, and beautiful. LOOK AT US. Be jealous. Be Proud. And if you are hateful then BE SCARED. We are numerous. We are Proud. We are furries!”

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How to join San Francisco Pride 2023 with the Northern California Furries

Fri 23 Jun 2023 - 09:27

For members who completed an RSVP

Photo: AniMajor

The SF Pride Parade – Sunday June 25, 2023 – General info at

Let’s go! The parade is on Market Street, from Embarcadero to the Celebration area at Civic Center. Spectators will be watching from 10:30 a.m. until late afternoon. ABC7 will be broadcasting the parade to watch from home.

Be there with 150 furries. Be there for the GO moment when the crowd roars. Hundreds of thousands of people will make the street your stage. Many furries will march and interact with watchers, while some will ride the float. It isn’t just for fun and photos, but also to say that we’re not going away. That’s Pride for LGBT people and allies, while we help bring the diversity of it all.

Northern California Furries first joined the parade in 2002, and last year marked their 20-year anniversary. This year brings more interest than ever. Thousands of furries will also join Pride events internationally — see other news and history in the Pride tag.


We had open RSVP for up to 150 members but that is now closed. Due to parade regulations, you can’t be guaranteed a spot by showing up. If you are signed up for standby, you can come try to get a spot, with a Plan B to watch from the audience.


This is a high energy, moving event that requires walking several miles and some self-reliance. There are 30 or so spaces on the float, so be ready to walk unless you have a condition that makes that challenging. Know your limits and don’t overheat, but expect mild weather. The float will have hydration and calories. The only bathrooms will be portapotties with long lines. Relay Raccoon is opening his apartment to host before and after (info below).

  • Start with breakfast and changing at Relay’s, or just start with the parade.
  • The parade starts miles away from Relay’s. Public transit is the best way to get there.
  • Don’t expect easy parking, and expect traffic jams with blocked streets, so rideshares may drop you off to walk the rest of the way.
  • Give yourself a lot of extra arrival time. The parade can’t stop, and latecomers get left behind. Seriously. Don’t cut it close.
  • At the end of the parade is the crowded celebration area. The marcher group will split towards there while the float drives away to park.
  • Try to push through the crowds, find the float and regroup. We strive to help, but this is when you may have to get yourself places on your own.
  • Pool people to share rides, or buddy up and find your way to Relay’s. The afterparty resumes there.

MARCHERS MUST ASSEMBLE by 11 a.m. – VOLUNTEER MONITORS by 9 a.m. – Map for the parade route

Find assembly area N1 for contingent #115. It is the west side of Main between Mission and Howard. (At rainbow paw on the map by Urban Park.) The float will be there at around 7.

  • Coming by car: No cars or dropoff are allowed at the assembly. If you’re very early, try a garage, or park farther away and take rideshare as close as it gets.
  • BART riders: go to Embarcadero. The south central exit is closest to the assembly. Any station can let you cross Market when the street is closed.
  • Allow time for costume changing. There could be hours to wait before step-off, and it will depend on every group that goes before, but don’t do anything that may delay going at any time.

COSTUME AND FURSUITING – No hard bins allowed!

Fursuiting isn’t necessary, and any themed clothing is OK for those who won’t do it.

  • Bring soft folding bags only, due to lack of cargo space. Repeat: NO HARD BINS. They won’t be carried.
  • Fursuiting on public transit is enjoyable for many members, and coming in fursuit is smart. So is changing at a car or right on the street (nobody cares at Pride.)
  • There may be an easy-up shade structure for changing but don’t count on much privacy. Start at Relay’s for more privacy.
  • Is your costume not safe for TV? Would the news censor it? Please check where the TV cameras are on the map, and stay far from them with respect for other marchers who want to be broadcast for friends and family at home.

PHOTOS – Group photo at 11:30 a.m.

Change and assemble for a group shot, after the final arrival and costume change time.

  • Please give all attention to the organizers, they will address the group!
  • We want photographers. If you plan to do photos or video, please share afterward. Join this channel to collect photos and ask an admin to give you posting power.
  • Hashtags for social media: #Norcalfurries, #Furrypride, #SFPride.

MOVING – Show your Pride and stay safe

Marchers: When the float starts moving, it won’t stop, and don’t try to climb it. Keep pace, avoid wheels, and listen to the monitors. Monitors are IMPORTANT, please be on the job. It’s about a mile and an hour long route.

  • Watch where the float is. Try not to bunch up, leave gaps or be too distant. The front-facing banner is where the crowds will see the group first, but going up to the side crowd barriers is good too. Use the whole street between the float and the crowds on BOTH sides. Dance, pose, give hugs and high fives. Wave at the TV cameras at their place on the map.
  • End at 8th and Market: don’t follow the float – continue walking forward towards Civic Center, then loop around for a few blocks to get back to 8th where the float should be. Regroup and pick up anything you had on the float, and plan to reach Relay’s.
  • Crowds have usual risks – see this safety page. No glass bottles are allowed. If you enter the festival at Civic Center, there’s an 18” x 18” size restriction on bags.

RELAY’S PLACE – Changing/breakfast and after party 

Relay’s place is near Dolores Park in the Mission district. Address is by request. You need an RSVP with @RelayRaccoon.

  • Early changing opens at 7:00 am and will close at 10:00 am for travel to the assembly.
  • The dinner party is after 5:00 pm and is only for age 21+.
  • From Relay’s to parade assembly, take BART or the J MUNI line from Church to Embarcadero.
  • After the parade ends, BART may take you from Civic Center to 16th and then it’s a 15 minute walk to Relay’s, or use Muni J Church.
  • Remember, street parking will be scarce.
  • More after party volunteers are wanted!


Volunteers will be hard-pressed, so please contact them only for emergencies after using net search, the group and other members for advice. Contacts: @Zorenmanray, @Patchofurr, @Mr_Disk0, @Superjayhawk, @DidgeDingo, @RelayRaccoon

SEE YOU THERE! Art for banners by Kado Husky.

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The 2023 Ursa Major Awards and Good Furry Award feature the best of furry fandom

Mon 19 Jun 2023 - 10:00

Check out the winners in 14 categories for the 2023 Ursa Major Awards. The awards feature the furry fandom’s favorite media and other anthropomorphic animal creations they love, with popular voting by anybody. This year there were 1350 voters, with their vote count broken down here.

  • Dogpatch Press was voted Best Magazine. Thank you to everyone who votes, and the volunteer team who manages the voting process and sends physical awards. I’ll post a photo when it arrives.
  • The best novel stood out as unlike other furry fantasy and romance nominees; it’s a young adult novel by an author of other non-furry writing with crossover appeal that isn’t locked to the furry scene. Watch for an upcoming article with the author.
  • The best fursuit category had no award due to low participation, but there’s already eligible fursuits listed for the next awards.

See the current Recommended Anthropomorphics List — it is maintained year-round — you can discover and submit this year’s works eligible for the next awards now if you have something to share. This helps make community, discovery for new creations, and opportunity with campaigning. A nominee can win by simply mentioning it, because few do. Consider donating to support this service via

2023 Good Furry Award winners announced. Grubbs Grizzly of Ask Papabear and Uncle Bear Publishing introduced the award in 2019 for fandom members who do outstanding things for the community. The award comes with a trophy and $500 check. Past winners were Tony “Dogbomb” Barrett, Ash Coyote, Cassidy Civet, and Soatok Dhole. Who among 30 outstanding furry nominees won this year?

  • Kite’s Windswept Wanderings. A maker of Youtube videos with furry costuming and gatherings that bring positive light to the community. And…
  • A Lifetime Achievement Award for Reed Waller. He founded the furry comic APA Vootie in 1976, and collaborated with his wife Kate Wooley to create the influential early furry comic Omaha the Cat Dancer.

NEWS: Next year’s Good Furry Award is changing to 3 categories for raising positive image, volunteer and charity work, and general contributions or achievement, broadening the recognition past honorable mentions.

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Papa Bear: Indie furry movie nears funding deadline

Tue 13 Jun 2023 - 08:00

If you like making friends laugh and/or wasting company time, and have been on the net for 10-15 years, then you probably know The OnionCollegeHumor, Funny or Die – and Cracked. At one point it was the world’s most visited comedy site.

Papa Bear is a movie in development from heads of the Cracked video department at its peak. It’s about a furry in the family, and its climax will be filmed at a furry convention. Papa Bear promises to be dramatic, funny, daring, boldly LGBT-positive, and full of heart.

There’s a crowdfunding campaign for Papa Bear that ends in a few days, on June 16 – don’t wait to check it out! 

When I first heard about it, I was skeptical because I’ve seen many attempted indie movies with furries. Some past ones seem bad in a good way, like no-budget slasher-horror flicks or party-worthy science fiction fanservice. One had an A-list actor in a fursuit. One reached arthouse greatness. Many of them are DOA because of superficial writing and weak production values. Lack of inside knowledge always shows. Here’s a test… do the costumes look like post-Halloween discount junk? Or are they cool hand-crafted fandom fursuits? That implies effort to get community support.

Co-director and writer Michael Swaim reassured me that Papa Bear comes from real experience and consulting community members.

Then I read the script and loved it. It dives into furriness without wasting time on setup, but familiarizes it with awkward comedy anyone can relate to. It doesn’t fall into lame campiness, and the characters have personalities. Tense subplots come up right away. The tension comes from being put on the spot about private life, and inside views of “content warning” topics. There’s pleasing aesthetic touches, like calling for music by nervous rock bands of nerd canon (XTC, Talking Heads) and animated montages. It’s full of inside lore in a way that fits the story and makes sense even if you weren’t familiar with it.

The crowdfund incentives start with a private link to watch the movie as soon as it’s ready. That would be an amazing opportunity for a fur meet! Papa Bear would also make strong convention programming.

At time of writing, Papa Bear has over $61,000 pledged. Waiting to see it completed is almost unbearable.

UPDATE: funding reached.

oh shit

— Abe Epperson (@AbeTheMighty) June 13, 2023

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Fursuit maker Sudoku gets costume adopted by Twenty One Pilots.

Wed 7 Jun 2023 - 10:00

Sudoku has been a fursuit maker since 2015, and was sole proprietor of Strut Your Fluff Ltd. in 2020-2022. That led to something amazing:

“I got my start in costumes in the furry fandom (stumbling across Matrices’ website in 2014!) That foundation helped me to reach my long-term goal of performing as an official mascot. I am Bruiser the Bulldog, NAIA-division, for Concordia University, NE.”

In 2019, Twenty One Pilots made a video featuring a fuzzy creature named “Ned”. As a fan, Sudoku built a mascot costume of him. It was made and worn for personal satisfaction, but as life went on, Sudoku wanted to retire as owner. Recently Twenty One Pilots accepted her gift offer of the Ned costume, so it’s becoming the official property of band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

Sometimes there is controversy about creators doing underpaid or speculative work for high-profile people; but that’s more about commissions and original creations. Ned is copyrighted to the band, so the costume shouldn’t be sold. Sudoku is happy to have her fan project appreciated and taken care of this way.

It’s nice attention too, with stories in Strife and Rock Sound music magazines, and now Dogpatch Press interested in the crossover between fandom and professional work. This reporter is more likely to go fursuiting with cult bands than huge ones, so it required learning about Ned and his new owners.

A band with theatrical roots.

Twenty One Pilots has a core duo of members from Columbus, Ohio. They might be called hybrid post-emo or alternative hip hop. They’re known for success with name producers for high concept, high charting pop songs, but got there with persistent regional touring and interaction with grassroots fandom.

“To catch the attention of unfamiliar or disinterested attendees and promoters, the band began to experiment with costumes and on-stage acrobatics… Tyler Joseph wears masks and occasionally body makeup while rapping and singing… Dun stated, ‘We thought it was kind of cool, new and different to wear masks onstage…'” (-Wikipedia)

In January 2019, they released a music video for the single “Chlorine”. It was directed by Mark Eshleman of Reel Bear Media – a Columbus based talent who has been with the band since their early days – and it made the alien-like creature “Ned” part of the band lore; he represents creativity.

Sudoku talks about #NedLives, Twenty One Pilots fans and furry fandom

Dogpatch Press asked Sudoku more about what she did with Ned:

“My intention with Ned was not to donate to a mainstream artist; the costume was a high school graduation gift to myself, and I planned on performing at nonprofit events. Twenty One Pilots created the character itself, and #NedLives was my own fan project.” (The hashtag features touring costume appearances with other fans.)

“The pandemic took away many opportunities to wear Ned in public; I am not satisfied with filming videos at home, as I believe strongly in in-person entertainment. This combined with rising material prices led me to the decision to close Strut Your Fluff, go to college, and start scouting for a new home for Ned. I searched in both the furry fandom and the Twenty One Pilots fandom for a suitable home, trying to contact the band as well to see if they would take him. The band emailed me in 2022 saying that they would be happy to have him.

What might be the intentions and future for Ned?

“No money has been exchanged for Ned, as I did not ask for any in return. The band and their employees have shown appreciation on social media. Ned is ready for retirement, and they are most likely taking him as a collectible item. I have not been told their intentions but know that if they put him into storage, he will be secure. My top concern is the integrity and safety of the costume, as it took a year to make, and is deeply personal to me.”

Did she deal with the creators behind Ned, or feel recognized as a performer?

“I am not affiliated with anyone who worked on the music video beyond initial contact asking about copyright, but I am very passionate about music, and it means a lot that I can contribute to the industry with a fursuit. I think mascots should be more prevalent in entertainment, primarily in live music endeavors.” (She’s doing it as Bruiser):


What better way to celebrate than a photoshoot with Bruiser and his favorite pal, Murphy!

Happy Friday, Bulldogs!

— Concordia Nebraska (@CUNE) April 21, 2023

Has she seen crossover between furries, the band, and  their fans (the Skeleton Clique)?

“What means the most is how Ned has impacted both Clikkies and furries, as the support and love have been tremendous and built Ned as a character more than I ever could have anticipated.

I have not invited Twenty One Pilots to a con or asked them about furries; these would be great questions for an interview with them. The Clique is definitely more curious about this than the furry fandom, from what I have seen.”

How does she feel about this as part of her background coming out of furry fandom?

“I wanted to add that it was those formative years when I first started that gave me so much confidence! People were supportive on Fursuit LiveJournal, FurAffinity, and Facebook, and I started getting commission requests early on. I waited until 2019 to sell my first premade, and then opened for commissions in 2020. My clients are so devoted and have done more than they know with their support. I tend to have imposter syndrome about these things and they made it real. It was definitely not easy running a business but I do not regret those years. I had a lot of fun with furry and still have close furry friends to this day.

I do not regret giving Ned to Twenty One Pilots, either. I will miss him very much, but knowing that he will be safe gives me great peace of mind. I had a great 4 years bringing this character to life.

Entertainment is NOTHING without the audience. NOTHING without the people. This is why I value face-to-face performance so much. In every photo taken at the #NedLives meet and greets, I am smiling for real behind that mask. People helped write Ned’s story and make him special. People from both furry and the Clique. I am sad to see Ned’s story end, but am at peace with it because he is home.”

This incredible costume of Twenty One Pilots’ alien friend Ned is to be adopted by the band#nedlives

— Rock Sound (@rocksound) May 16, 2023

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Join now! Nor Cal Furries call for volunteers for the San Francisco Pride Parade on June 25.

Thu 25 May 2023 - 10:00

What does Pride mean to you?

If Pride means being authentically yourself and refusing to hide, the San Francisco Pride Parade is one of the best places in the world. It’s so real when you’re there with a group, in the moment when they say GO, then you turn the corner onto the main parade route and the crowd roars. That’s how to BE.

The Nor Cal Furries will march with a parade float on June 25. (Furry is an interest that harmonizes with LGBT members, and many other interest groups participate.) Meanwhile, some people just found out that furries exist and want to attack them; for example, anti-LGBT law has forced Megaplex to restrict attendance due to power abuse by the government. This shows ongoing history where simply existing is an undebatable political statement. But people who oppose LGBT existence and think this is new activism don’t know that furries have been award-winning Pride marchers for 21 years. And the founders of Pride knew that just being there is winning. We can look forward to another 21 years of being there… but it won’t happen by itself.

It’s up to us and YOU. Nor Cal Furries can’t go without volunteer staff, so please answer or spread the call. If you can’t volunteer, come attend and tell a friend.


Let’s meet some of the team you can join (in no special order). Dogpatch Press asked each one: What does Pride mean to you, and why make this event happen?

Zoren (Telegram: ZorenManray)

Pride means showing our uniqueness. That we are all so diverse. Pride also shows that despite our differences we still can all come together as one and celebrate our love and passions in their many different ways. I continue to lead the contingent not for personal gain or acclaim, I do this to bring together that magic we all make together and share it with the rest of the world.

Who is Zoren?

Hailing from the Sacramento metro area, Zoren has been around the furry fandom for many years. Giving back to the community, you will find him volunteering at multiple regional furry conventions and events. He’s helped out with quite a few over the years, including leading the furry contingent in the San Francisco Pride Parade since 2018.

Super Jay (Telegram: SuperJayhawk)

Growing up as a minority, Super Jayhawk chose to fight for equality and against prejudice both online and in real life. The Pride Celebration and parade means standing up and supporting equality for everyone, and SuperJay is proud to march with the NorCal Furries in the San Francisco Pride Parade and help everyone be absolutely fabulous!

Super Jayhawk has been performing, coordinating and assisting in local fursuiting events with Critters by the Bay, a local fursuit performance group, for over 20 years, including parades, amusement park, city and charity events. Fursuiting in public can be challenging, and Super Jayhawk is commited to making sure everything runs smoothly and performers are looked out for, and to make the event an awesome experience.

Didge (Telegram: DidgeDingo)

Pride to me is showing who we are and that we are here. It’s a show of force that we will not be silenced or hidden away through legislation or other’s religious/political ideology.

It’s a reminder to younger LGBTQ+ generations of where we came from and what we have fought to achieve over decades.

Painting the float for the parade

It’s kinda cliché, but pride really can boil down to showing the world that Love is Love and nothing will change that.

What really makes Pride worth it is the feeling of being on the float and that moment you turn onto Market street. You see the first part of what can be a million people lining the street and the realization that all these people support you for you, your friends for who they are and it’s unconditional – it’s truly amazing and emotional. Even after being out to various levels degrees for 20 years or more, that feeling is still unreal.

About me: Age 39 (well I’ll be 39 by pride lol), and I’ve been a furry for about 27 years. I started out as a dragon but found myself as a dingo about 10-12 years ago. Born and raised in the central valley, Ohio State grad and forever a Buckeye. I am a licensed civil engineer who works for the State. You’ll find me at various events in one of the suits I have been lucky enough to get over many years.

Disko (Telegram: Mr_Disk0)

Hey there! Names Mr. D!sk0 Dog, I’ve been in the community for almost 20 years and help with events here and there.

Pride means everything to me, for me it’s about standing up for our rights in an ever changing society that would soon forget about what we do. I wish I could say we no longer need to fight for these rights, that we live in a cohesive relationship with others working together towards greater goals. However that is not the case, there are people that want strip these rights from us. Basic rights of equality. Something I believe should not even be questioned. Yet here we are… still fighting. Progress has been made. Yet the second we relax, these rights will be removed if we let them.

This event to me means bringing us together, to stand as equals to be proud of who you are, to be proud of what we can achieve if you just apply yourselves. Back in 2019 after the parade I wanted us to focus on a new project. Instead of renting trucks why don’t we build our own? Fast-forward to today and we are still making changes and building on a platform that we can take into the future, for all sorts of events, not just Pride.

I often think of these quotes from this movie when thinking on the actions we do here and what they mean to me. To us all.

“Greed has poisoned men’s souls
Has barricaded the world with hate
Has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed
Our knowledge has made us cynical
Our cleverness, hard and unkind
We think too much and feel too little
More than machinery we need humanity
More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness
Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.”

Charlie Chaplin.
The Great Dictator.

Remember, that in all that we do… we do with Love. We do this with Pride.

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Voting For The Good Furry Awards Is Open Until May 5 – Deadline Soon!

Wed 3 May 2023 - 10:00

Time is short, go HERE to vote now! The fifth annual Good Furry Awards are closing soon on May 5, 2023. Anyone who wants to vote can do so, with 30 nominees to choose from, including four group nominees.

This award recognizes furries who make outstanding positive contributions to the fandom. The first one in 2019 went to Tony “Dogbomb” Barrett. In 2020 the award went to Ash Coyote. In 2021, Cassidy Civet won and in 2022 it went to Soatok Dhole.

Four prizes will be awarded based on voting. Three honorable mentions will receive trophies. A first-place winner will receive a trophy and a check for $500 from sponsor Uncle Bear Publishing.

This is the second year for the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize furries who have made long-lasting contributions. It is selected by committee and will be announced at the same time as the Good Furry Awards. Last year’s award went jointly to Mark Merlino and Rod O’Riley, co-founders of the first furry convention.

Any furry can vote, but only once (don’t try multiple votes or they’ll be tossed out!) Browse the full list of nominees to learn about the fandom’s many worthy contributors.

Like the article? These take hard work. For more free furry news, follow on Twitter or support not-for-profit Dogpatch Press on PatreonWant to get involved? Try these subreddits: r/furrydiscuss for news or r/waginheaven for the best of the community. Or send guest writing here. (Content Policy.)

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Ursa Majors 2022 Nominees Announced – Voting closes at end of March.

Tue 21 Mar 2023 - 10:00

Ursa art by Foxenawolf.

Go HERE to vote, and don’t wait, the deadline is March 31! 

The furry fandom’s annual Ursa Major awards honor the best and most loved anthropomorphic creations of the past year. They put a spotlight on talent that deserves recognition, and lets fans discover and support it directly with popular voting by anyone.

Nominations for works from 2022 ended in February. Nominees are in 14 categories, and the Ursa Majors site has more details about each one. Music has a new category, but Best Fursuit isn’t active this year due to lack of nominations.

Volunteers run the Ursa Major Awards. Please support them. Since 2001, these awards have been run with unpaid work. They appreciate support to defray costs for a website, making and mailing awards, and more. Click the button to donate >

Best Motion Picture

Best Dramatic Short Works

Best Dramatic Series

Best Novel

Best Short Fiction

Best General Literary Work

Best Non-Fiction Work

Best Graphic Story

Best Comic Strip

Best Magazine

Best Illustration

Best Game

Best Website

Best Anthropomorphic Music

Best Anthropomorphic Fursuit

No Best Fursuit category this year due to lack of nominations, but it means that anyone interested in promoting a creator has a strong opportunity to get them recognized!

Have you voted for your favorites in the Ursa Major Awards yet? If so, thank you! But can you do us a favor? Promote the heck out of them on your social media! The UMA's need all the support they can get to make them as relevant as possible to the fandom.

— Ursa Major Awards🐻💫 (@UrsaMajorAwards) March 16, 2023

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Fandom conventions targeted by pedophile activist Mark “Didaskalos” Miner

Mon 20 Mar 2023 - 10:00

Mark Miner’s pre-2005 teacher photo, and screens from his more recent posts on social media.

Infiltration at VancouFur

Few places want to let a vocal pedophile feel at home, and that’s why Evil Unveiled made a page about Mark “Didaskalos” Miner and his endless quest for acceptance of pedophilia/pederasty/Boy Love. He’s been at it for decades, on places like the Boychat pedophile forum (where he posts as ScotusBaby). It gets tiny recognition like a category on a site to publicize “those who don’t demonize” pederasty.

Hopeless causes have their die-hards, and Miner is now trying to run panels at libraries and anime and fandom conventions, where he might reach supple young audiences that have their guard down. As a former teacher, he uses poetry and classic theater as a cover of legitimacy to harken back to his idea of a golden age — when men were men, boys were boys, and abuse between them wasn’t illegal yet.

Miner departs from basic definitions at the word Abuse. A core conceit of “Boy Love” is to split hairs about the folk conception of pedophiles violently raping children vs. “nicer,” less forceful coercive molesting. It’s a mental Olympics course in coy excuses. On his Boy-Love in the Classics group, Miner tells the other 2 members that he’s just for ACADEMIC DISCUSSION, and not actually pushing for acceptance… while doing exactly that for, well, himself.

For his plan to perform Boy-Love theater, Miner believes that tax-funded public spaces aren’t supposed to deny space to anyone over politics; so he counted it as a victory even if nobody came to see him at Mission Hills library in San Diego in February 2023.

His convention overtures succeeded with getting a panel in the official programming at VancouFur, on March 5, 2023. Context says it must have worked by omitting info provided by this article. The panel was late at night and marked not suitable for minors to separate it from con programming for parents and youth.

Miner’s furry con appearance stayed beneath public notice — did anyone go at all? — but it was just a start for his list of other cons he is targeting, furry and otherwise: A-Kon, Anime Boston, Anime Central, Anime Expo, Anime Los Angeles, Anime NYC, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Dragon Con, Fangaea, Isekai-Con, Metrocon, Necronomicon, Otakon, Paris Japan Expo, Ropecraft Chicago, Saboten-Con, Sakura-Con, Scottish Rite Temple, Tampa Fetish-Con, Thunder On the Mountain, and Youmacon. His furry con list started with Anthrocon, AnthrOhio, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Furlandia, Golden State Fur Con, and up to 30 cons in total. Maybe few of them would accept him, but should any host his belief that furries need to accept Boy Love to “GROW and FLOURISH”?

Scam and Threat 

Let’s emphasize that Miner isn’t part of this fandom. He’s skipping from place to place and looking for cracks to pry in.

An example of setting this up came with meager news notice in 2019 in the San Diego Reader, whose editor must have been out sick that day. Miner jumped on the bandwagon of library performing (citing Drag Queen Story Hour) to ride the coattails of harmless people who are just there to read nice stories. They’re not the same as each other, and you can tell because he keeps explaining the scamming, like someone desperate for attention.

  • His “christian”, transphobe and TradCon (Traditional Conservative) stances give him strange bedfellows — even if they won’t admit it — like anti-Woke right-wingers who hate this fandom, and scandal-plagued churches that show TradCon beliefs in practice.
  • Miner also admits “I have a Ph.D. in internet social engineering” (“trolling”), with a plan for schizo-posting on all sides of his intended controversy. It goes with being a vocal fan of far-right scammers like Andy Ngo and Milo Yiannopoulos. Miner compared himself to Milo as a “Performance Artist, who has been playing exactly the same game Milo is playing.” (Targeting furries was a death rattle of Milo’s deplatformed career.)
  • This is the literal pedophile that the right wing accuses of targeting youth, and he isn’t a drag queen, he belongs to the right wing.

Bringing his scam to VancouFur inspired a few eagle-eyed furries to ask for help to make it news. It was a good idea to come to Dogpatch Press, because banning people or publishing warnings can have a price that other places can’t pay. The risk of frivolous litigation could involve lawsuits under the name Mark Miner.

Dogpatch Press can keep source confidentiality protected by law. Yes, even citizen bloggers are legally journalists for public interest. And unlike most conventions, Dogpatch Press has a history of winning in court against backlash for speech. Telling the truth has a high cost to defend it in court, but our money goes where our mouth is for reporting. We can report the story when conventions don’t.

Adding to this:

1) Defending against a lawsuit, even one you ultimately would win, costs money. You don’t get to just say “Well, I’ll win so I don’t have to do anything.”


— Col. Boozy Badger ( (@BoozyBadger) March 13, 2023

VancouFur’s Response

Dogpatch Press reached out to VancouFur for comments, and heard back from a spokesfurry volunteer for the British Columbia Anthropomorphic Events Association (BCAEA):

“There was no tip submitted in writing or otherwise to the BCAEA, nor to any of the Vancoufur senior staff such as the chair or vice chair, regarding this individual prior to the 2023 event.

Didaskalos submitted his panel in the same manner that all our panels are submitted. There was a form, which asked for relevant information. Panels are approved on a case-by-case basis in the order they were submitted based on: time, subject, resources required, appeal, cost, programming space availability, and assuming the panel runner is in good standing with the BCAEA.”

Will he be welcome at Vancoufur in the future?

“This is a decision which needs to be made by the BCAEA board of directors. If you wish to make a formal complaint and supply the documentation you have, you may do so here: When a complaint is made, they will discuss the matter, review the documentation, and pass any decisions relevant to the matter to 2024’s relevant staff. If it is found that the person in question violates our AUP found here: – they will not be welcome at Vancoufur.”

What to do?

Recall how Miner believes that tax-funded public spaces aren’t supposed to reject anyone over politics; and that lawsuits can be a risk for kicking people out of private spaces. This opens up cracks that people like him look for. If controversy happens, they may revel in it while insisting on getting in because they’re not illegal, while official response has to stay quiet.

Screening for creeps may even be structurally incompatible with volunteer-based, non-corporate sponsored events. Fan cons are not permanent institutions like schools, or operating for shareholder profit year-round. They’re one-weekend charity benefit social gatherings, that don’t own the space they rent, and only secure it as a low-cost volunteer thing. Creeps can get in by taking advantage of open, temporary volunteer based support.

There’s a legal precedent* covered by a Financial Times podcast about porn business (Hot Money episode 4). Websites usually aren’t responsible for what gets posted by users… until they start screening it. A leading adult website in the 1990’s worked to take down copyrighted Playboy images, but a few got through. Because they screened, they became liable when Playboy sued them, and it bankrupted them. If they had done nothing they would have been safer. Similar goes for furry cons screening people. How do they predict future incidents when screening only shows the past, and people without records can create the liability? Don’t consider liability to come from single banned people; it’s from screening itself. *Disclaimer: this is not legal advice.

So should Vancoufur have dropped Miner’s panel? Look for QUIET selection rather than a public ban if they’d known.

Another wrinkle is for creeps on staff; even if it’s hard to screen people, there’s also quietly dropping them. But when they’re high enough on staff or board to influence those decisions, that’s even worse than not formally screening, and maybe then the con’s existence itself should be questioned. (This happened with Rocky Mountain Fur Con’s cancellation). If staff show a priority to backlash at messengers and rant about cancel culture, they’re at the heart of the problem.

Creeps at cons are a problem that won’t go away easily. Think of it like a holistic challenge for the whole fandom to deplatform them, rather than expect one-weekend events to do it for you. Solutions could put a priority on problems with staff or official programming, not just the general attendance, using non-reactive and united community organizing and reporting.

Thankfully, this case may be more of an instructive example than a risk. It says that anyone can get in, even a pathetic Boy Lover who has to eat rice and carefully budget for $3 bus fares to travel, in hopes to grab crumbs of notoriety by performing to almost nobody. The best response is to let him starve.

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More adventures in Guadalajara at Confuror 2022.

Mon 6 Mar 2023 - 10:00

My art of hosts and friends @gatunomx @MeteorZeroFive @lowemond @MZSLV

Here’s a followup to Confuror makes a crossroads for Latin American furries and international fandom. It’s worth extra time to see the city of Gudalajara, so put Confuror on top of any list of furry cons you should visit. Below are its churches, the 18th century Jalisco Government Palace, and The Immolation of Quetzalcoatl sculpture in Plaza Tapatia, which had a snake head too heavy to mount on top so it’s installed on the ground nearby.

Sights in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is sometimes called Mexico’s Silicon Valley. It’s their second most populated city, and the home of tequila and Mariachi and the biggest film fest and book fests in Latin America. I stayed on the northeast side of town in the home of a furry who works at the university. It was in the Tetlan neighborhood, a dense and poorer area. I woke up with the sounds of dogs, parrots, garage noises, music and elotes vendors, and went for a walk.

The houses are painted all colors, with rough brick fronts and lots of metal work. The ragged roof lines are topped with solar water tanks for hot water. Some of them have green courtyards behind gates, or cages for parrots who screech “Hola” when you walk by. The phone poles have burls of handbills taped around and on top of each other. The potholes expose cobbles and the traffic gets chaotic without crosswalks. There are a few separated bike lanes, but they’re not a very used or connected network so you might want to write your will before biking with traffic. Cars and buses pack the streets — the metro is good to ride but has limited reach. Trucks are stacked with blue garrafones of water (camion de agua). A house might get water delivery every few weeks for drinking, and use tap water just for shower or cleaning.

The main drag had panaderias, barberias, toy and clothes shops, and open taco places under tents serving 5 for $25 MXN (about a quarter each), with street dogs lounging around. I got a bag of pan dulces, which you pull off trays with tongs and hand to the cashier on a tray, and saw food to try like torta ahogada, a local sandwich style with carnitas drowned in spicy chili sauce.

The old city center was good for a tour with a carful of furries. We parked in a steep brutalist spiral of a garage, with an old shuttered elevator for valets that was just an open shaft with a vertical conveyor belt to stand on. The historic and colonial architecture reminded me of visiting Europe. The oldest building I saw was an archive from 1500-something, among opulent Catholic churches, plazas, fountains, market seller booths, and street art.

Money and costs

Another visitor described Mexico to me: it’s not necessarily all poor, but like much of Latin America there can be a big class division. It seemed like average wages can be pretty low and I saw a lot of semi-rough neighborhoods. Young Mexicans were grateful to have a con at all while talking about poverty and the quality of things.

Where I’m from in California has high cost of living, so I could afford to tip more on modest rideshare costs and cover even nicer restaurant bills for a group.

The @confuror dance after closing ceremony was canceled but I randomly ran into @StandishBear and Mez Doggo outside the hotel in
Guadalajara. On a whim I got us a car to an over the top mariachi bar. I love this pic with Mez ❤

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) October 24, 2022

Too much food for 3 with drinks and apps and tip at a somewhat lavish place with a live mariachi band was only $67USD (a modest bill for 1 in the SF bay). 🔥

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) October 24, 2022

Day by day

Besides doing a city tour and staying at a local furry’s house, we went to Cirque du Soleil. This one had the Wheel of Death, and the show blew our minds. it was not the wheel of mild injury. Many of the performers were former Olympians. The incredible clowning included a big furry dog who popped out of one hatch in the stage, then a double immediately popped out another one like a cartoon.

For the first day of ConFuror, the opening ceremony had a live orchestra. I missed the sold-out happy hour and Drink & Draw, but played chess with a fursuiter in a tournament, and did the Animation meet with aspiring pros, students and fans. Uncle Kage did his main stage raconteur show. Mexican furs were grateful to have him fly in even when one shyly laughed that “Tio Cagar” means Uncle Shit, and they hoped he wouldn’t be offended.

After panels and running around in fursuit, I couldn’t find room parties, but they found me. While waiting for an elevator, Mexican furry Rex Shiba came up to say hi. He found out I was visiting from the US, so we had to hang out with his friend Cookie Fox. They knew a room to visit. There was no formal party so we went in quietly but soon had to vacate to another room. That also didn’t last so we ended up in a hallway.

Maybe 15 others sat out of sight, now well after midnight, trying to keep quiet and avoid the overvigilant hotel security 10 or 15 floors down. Rex Shiba helped me learn some Spanish words for furry parties: Des Madre – disaster (furries ruin everything) and Mala Copa – crazy drunk person doing stupid things. “La silencio con” got more and more fun until it couldn’t stay quiet and we were broken up.

Below: The first fursuiter I saw, fellow California fur @Sofbeak and a Mexican fur, and la silencio con in the hall.

WHOAH i love this art from @rex_shiba the amazing Mexican fur, I met him at @confuror with @cookie_fox23!

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) October 30, 2022

It was a night of Weiner Denial. In the fursuit lounge I met @Dirdwolf from Michigan. He heard I was hungry, but it was hard to find food in the hotel or leave in suit, so he generously came back with a box of hot dogs. When I went for the first bite, staff shut down the fursuit lounge. I packed up and hit the elevators, but Rex and Cookie stole me away for hours. By the time we were done I was so hungry that a hall corner beckoned me to sit and wolf them down like an animal. That was a long time to hold weiners before putting them in my mouth.

At 4:30 a.m. outside the hotel, it took about 7 tries to get a rideshare driver to cross town to my host house. His dashboard had a bobblehead dinosaur that nodded along like “good decisions were made.”


I saw the international community panel and dealer’s den, and checked food outside the hotel. There was a popular 24 hour taco spot, seafood, and a great tiny cafe with gourmet sandwiches served by the owner. California fur @Velexian and Colorado fur @zeldstarro  were in the lobby and took my stranger invites for lunches. You can just ask people and have great chats.

Back at Confuror, I visited the small and sparse art gallery, then Floor Wars where fursuit dancers battled. My note from the dance is “Great deal of singing”.


The Fursuit Fest took the place of a parade and had many photo shoots for different types of suiters. Here’s one from a Mexican suit maker.

MoonShot Squad en #confuror2022!!✨
Faltaron algunos que no llegaron a la foto, pero aun asi me encanta verlos juntos a todos 💕

— MoonShot 🌙 (@MoonShot_C) October 23, 2022

The charity auction happened before the closing ceremony. It culminated in a $7,000 bid for a collaborative art mural made at the con. The last dance was disappointingly canceled so I rounded up several furs for a late night restaurant visit. Randomly picking what was open got us to highly rated Casa Bariachi and one of the best dinners I’ve ever had?!

The next day, the furries at our host house did a small art jam. @Lowemond, Mezdoggo, and @MeteorZeroFive were artists dealing at the con or taking commissions to make a living. Drawing helped smooth language barriers, and we made things to remember a fantastic trip that would only happen this way with furries.

Art jam at host house in guadalajara, with @MeteorZeroFive @lowemond and others. There's a horror zine i found at @confuror and a bad photo of my blue pencil WIP.

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) October 24, 2022

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Ursa Major Awards nominations open until February 11

Wed 8 Feb 2023 - 10:00

Furry fandom’s Ursa Major awards honor the best and most loved anthropomorphic creations of the past year. Anything published in 2022 can be nominated. Movies, art, books, news magazines, and more on the list will be eligible for voting in March.

This is your chance to help make the list – nominate HERE before the end of February 11!

Ursa art by Foxenawolf.

You can choose up to five nominees for these categories:

  • Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture
  • Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Short Work
  • Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Series
  • Best Anthropomorphic Novel
  • Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction
  • Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work
  • Best Anthropomorphic Non Fiction Work
  • Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story
  • Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip
  • Best Anthropomorphic Magazine
  • Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration
  • Best Anthropomorphic Game
  • Best Anthropomorphic Website
  • Best Anthropomorphic Costume (Fursuit)
  • Best Anthropomorphic Music

After nominations close, voting for the finalists will run from March 1 to March 31.

The Ursa Majors site maintains a Recommended Anthropomorphics List for 2022. Take a look at the range of available works for ideas of what’s worth sending. If it was published in 2022, it doesn’t have to be listed already; go ahead and nominate it for an award!

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Confuror makes a crossroads for Latin American furries and international fandom.

Tue 7 Feb 2023 - 10:00

2018 story The Diversity of the Latin American Furry Fandom is background for visiting Mexico’s largest furry con in October 2022.

Young Mexicans told me that Confuror has taken off to be their first full-fledged con and a beacon for fandom there. It succeeded after they only had meet-sized events that came and went, and wished for ones like North Americans have. The 2022 attendance surged after a first hotel con and then virtual cons for two years. There were 1,861 attendees, with 486 fursuiters at the fursuit festival. The charity auction raised 153,526 MXN (about $7,675 USD) to benefit a shark conservation NGO.

With Confuror mascot Yuri Possum

It was more than a con visit, with 8 days in Guadalajara. I stayed at a house with a Mexican furry group. I’m a non-Spanish-speaking mutt from the US Rust Belt and San Francisco Bay area who was never in Mexico before. Consider this the view of a casual tourist with experience of class differences, on a much-needed first vacation since the Covid pandemic. The view is limited by a language barrier, but furry can be a bridge, and many people in Guadalajara knew some English and were helpful with translation.

The feel of Confuror and differences from other cons

As a first-time traveler to Mexico, I noticed a small portion of international guests. I met ones from Colombia, Argentina, and Chile, and some Mexican-Americans. Also from the USA were 3 familiar faces from California, and others from Colorado, Texas, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, and Toronto. Old guard or party regulars from other cons were notably absent. That was a plus and a minus.

It seemed like furry is too unfamiliar in Mexico (and the hotel) to boldly overflow the con programming with large parties, or obvious side gatherings or mingling in the city. There was much less obvious PDA at the hotel. I saw no flyers or door signs, and some people were asking about parties without finding any. But some Mexican furries I met were super jazzed to meet American visitors and bring them to hang out in rooms informally.

At its best, the con proudly displayed its culture. The theme was Dia De Muertos, with an Ofrenda memorial for Latin American members who died. A heavily applauded dance comp winner wore a fursuit with a festive skull mask, and a gold-threaded traditional black Charro suit. The dance party played Raggaeton, with conga lines and mass outbreaks of Spanish singing you wouldn’t hear at other cons.

I went to more panels than usual since I knew few people. I wished I had a ticket to the Drink & Draw, a separate sold-out event with an open bar for craft beer while using sketchbooks. The con chair proudly told me it was unique to Confuror. (I do a monthly Drink & Draw at home with normie artists, and it’s a great idea for cons.) Other things I missed: the Golden Tail Awards for contributions to fandom (I dropped in but couldn’t follow the language) — and live music, including a show by Metazoa, a progressive metal band from Mexico City.

¡Muchas gracias, @Confuror!
Fue uno de nuestros mejores shows, y nos encanta saber que les gustó. Queremos agradecer también a @furryGTAwards y @RadiOsoPodcast. No tienen idea cuánto significa esto para nosotros 💕

¡Esperamos vernos de nuevo por allá!#Confuror #Confuror2022

— Metazoa (@Metazoa_MX) October 24, 2022

[Con]mutación fue el sencillo con que lanzamos Anima Automata. Acompañamos esta canción, sobre el odio a uno mismo y cómo desaprenderlo, con este videoclip donde jugamos con el terror, comedia, pizza y unos amigos peluditos🐶🦁🦊

Videoclip en YouTube:

— Metazoa (@Metazoa_MX) September 21, 2022

If the dance is late to start, just make your own

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) October 24, 2022

A bridge between Latin America and North American fandom, with leftist intention

One panel concerned furry as an international community. A con organizer (Loisa) led it mostly in Spanish with some translation. Loisa told the panel that Confuror was trying to bridge American and Latin American fandom. I saw accommodation for english speakers, like the con program being helpfully coded to show which events were in Spanish, or English, or both. The con was meant to be a safe space for queer and trans members, something fairly new in Latin American society (there were other panels about this).

Loisa believed that fandom showed a capitalist lean. I saw what she meant. The dealer’s den was very comparable to other cons. It was tightly laid out and packed with buyers, and needed hours to browse. It also provided the first Night Market in Latin America to openly sell adult furry products. Some fan-brand-level dealers provided exclusive products for Confuror, and sold out so fast that they closed early.

Loisa said the organizers had divisions about capitalism vs. serving community, like by providing a low entry cost. She had criticism about the power of prestige in the fandom. I sensed compromising about necessary business concerns. Confuror happened by convincing the hotel to take a chance on an unknown kind of event. As a result, I heard some young Mexican furries being grateful to be able to experience things they had seen in videos, after long bus trips from poor or small towns. Loisa said that people often asked how to start a con, and there is no formula — and there’s no formula for improving your local community, but to go out and do it.

Loisa told me that volunteering without pay was an example of this, and the organizer’s group (Vidafur) was continuing to run regular furmeets, and hoped to open a house that would provide professional service and facilities. I gathered this meant some kind of co-op. (This is something I recommend to leftist furs wondering how to put community intentions into practice, beyond parasocial media; co-op housing is a movement of its own, and there’s similar energy with punk houses, couchsurfing hosts, cyclist lifers, and other travelers having their own nonprofit community networks.)

Stickers by @lowemond – Oxxo is a chain of 15,000 convenience stores in Mexico

In the Dealer’s Den – Sponsorship by successful Mexican artists

Dealer’s Den prices weren’t as high as they are at cons in North America. The exchange rate made great buyer advantage, although a dealer from California told me she couldn’t charge as much. I found commission openings and prints, comics, stickers, pins and keychains, a fursuit collar for $10, shirts as low as $7, and bandanas for $5.

Three of the con’s main sponsors were Mexican artists of comparable success with strong brands; Arty and Chikle, Gab Shiba, and Rudderbutts (with Senor Nutria). The latter 2 and Paco Panda (a Confuror organizer) featured in the 2018 Latin American Furry story, so their success was evident over time. They had large popular corners full of merch. The three sponsors had street art style, gay themes, and underwear riding high with sales. Yes, loud proud gay furry underwear sold like hotcakes and seemed like a secret weapon for rising from artist to brand.

Arty and Chikle talked to me about what I call “pro-fan” success. I had seen their street art mural on a transit pillar in the city; it was commissioned by the Jalisco state government. In April they had opened a retail space in Mexico City, where the walls were muralized and they sold original art and products, teamed up with another artist. Collaboration was also happening live in the Dealers Den. They were furrifying a huge canvas in street art style, together with American Guest of Honor: Animal Art Crimes. The canvas went on to earn around $7,000 USD in the charity benefit auction that capped the con.

The selling was more than just capitalist, with public street art and collaboration for charity at the heart of it.

It was surprising to drive by this huge furry street mural in real life on a trip to @confuror. Amazing.

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) October 20, 2022

The draw of famous guests, for better and worse

Compared to Mexican artist sponsors, the Guests of Honor seemed chosen for North American fame and draw. It worked to draw me, while highlighting the prestige problem criticized in the international panel.

Anthrocon CEO Uncle Kage helped to present ceremonies, and featured in 2 main stage storytelling shows. His humorous act was fun to watch, but played fast and loose with history to put down some figures and glorify others on his side. This included blaming the 1990’s original furry con, Confurence, for allegedly causing the fandom’s disrepute for sex. But it misattributed media hit pieces with basic errors about source and year, implied that Anthrocon didn’t have the same activity from the same fandom, and in effect, the narrative blamed the victims with glaring lack of analysis about why gay people were easily smeared by commercial media. Intentionally or not, it accorded with debunked homophobic myths from the Burned Furs. Perpetuating that could use revision.

Kage’s show appeared to be a set of long-memorized nuggets stitched together with looser patter. After a while one’s own subjective views becomes their facts. (Note: I’m a humble reporter of other people’s views but I did attend a 90’s Anthrocon.) Some experienced watchers followed my live comments on the show in a private group, and responded in the moment to dispute jabs, pointing out they were easy to get away with because Confurence isn’t there any more. Kage boasted about Anthrocon outlasting rivals — but one could argue a difference in control of media access, when previous cons hadn’t faced the need when furries were little known. Anthrocon’s organizers also seem set in place for better or worse. Meanwhile, Kage has been Confuror’s GOH for 3 years. Relying on “the fandom’s chair” so much threatens to put new Latin American fans in thrall to old axe-grinding and drill in propaganda.

All that said, there’s a need for entertaining PR, and this is FRIENDLY criticism for a hard working personality. Many happy fans lined up for autographs on conbooks after the show.

I would gladly watch Kage’s show or opposing views. Here’s a key example for how they diverge. Focus on Anthrocon can gloss over how it wasn’t the first con or even first East Coast con (Furtasticon in 1994). Kage talked about the 1994 con causing disrepute for furries because of a bad organizer, so he had to save the day by begging other conventions to let furries back in their graces. But at Further Confusion 2023, I saw a history panel by the founders of Confurence. They covered how Furtasticon had a lone woman con chair who faced chauvinism from the boy’s club when nerdy spaces were run by men. Hello GamerGate…

At ConFuror’s closing, 3 North American guests were announced for 2023: Dr. WildlifeAdler the Eagle, and Strobes. with a con theme of Science Madness.

Opinion: feedback to con organizers

Latin American fandom seems to be growing like American fandom did a decade or two earlier, and can chart its course with more knowledge.

Consider more discussion about prestige guests vs diverse ones. Promote the Drink & Draw and hopefully I can join next time! I found the fursuit lounge and water to be sparsely supplied. Some main stage shows had lighting beaming in my eyes. The dances were short and it was sad to have the final dance canceled. The effort to organize the schedule for English speakers was highly appreciated. The group panels were best: I enjoyed the Animation Furs meet to bring fans and pros together, drew at a round table with many artists, and played blitz games of chess in a tournament with a fursuiter (neither thing needing Spanish).

Animation panel organized by @yakisxd

Chess with @DiamondDDogg

Although Confuror wasn’t a party con, I highly recommend Guadalajara as a destination to give extra travel time. It was somewhat hard to meet unfamiliar furries at the con, but ones who reached out were amazingly generous. There’s a lot more I could say about the city and tourism, food and costs, poverty and gratitude, language and belonging, culture and community because of this great experience.

NEXT: More adventures with the city and people.

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Nominations open now for the Good Furry Award

Mon 6 Feb 2023 - 10:00

2023 GOOD FURRY AWARD –  nominate HERE

This annual award is run by Grubbs Grizzly to recognize furries who make outstanding positive contributions to the fandom. The first one in 2019 went to Tony “Dogbomb” Barrett. In 2020 the award went to Ash Coyote. In 2021, Cassidy Civet won and in 2022 it went to Soatok Dhole. Each winner gets a trophy and a $500 check.

News for the 5th annual award:

For inspiration to nominate someone who deserves recognition, check the current nominees.

In a year of attacks on furries with fake news about litterboxes in schools, the 2023 nominees include parents who advocate for kids in the fandom, and a university professor running a furry history project.

This year will have another Lifetime Achievement Award selected by Uncle Bear Publishing in addition to regular awards.

Grubbs explains some guideline updates:

Standards for nominees are different this year than previous years. Three things to note: 1) Your nominee must be alive (sorry, we don’t do posthumous awards anymore); 2) Your nominee must currently be active in the fandom; and 3) Your nominee must be doing/have done something that is generous, giving, and has a noticeable impact on the fandom or the world at large (it is not enough just to have a cool YouTube channel, make videos, or simply be nice; these are cool things, but we are looking for something more in a GFA nominee). Thank you. 

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Furries warn each other about casting call for “Life As a Furry” TV show

Thu 2 Feb 2023 - 10:00

A reality show casting call is raising hackles. It presses a hot button of sensitive history. The media can inform and debunk fake news to help us all; but sometimes it lies to make a quick buck or serve the powerful.

(Skip this if you already know about “The Media.”) 

A dogma exists among furries that reporting is offensive, rather than anger at offensive reporting. Dogma can hurt us too, but it started with real offenses. See 2003’s furry-themed episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It spread a broad caricature of a pathetic loser who donned a cheap costume for sex, which is unfair to those of us who are highly accomplished and sexy in costume or out.

The bad image peaked when internet furries caught notice around 2000. CSI, MTV, Vanity Fair, and others aired exploitation (which isn’t always bad — think cult movies — except when it’s malicious and pretends to be more real than it is.) It ebbed as furry conventions exploded in size. Around 2015 there was a thaw. Nice, well-researched reporting came from independent outlets like Vice and ones as powerful as CNN. Then came the 2022 election and the revival of smear tactics. This time it was maliciously from the right-wing to pit red state voters against minorities. Transphobia spiked up and furries were like stand-ins for the weird, gay boogeyman of tolerance. Debunking fake news about school litter boxes didn’t stop it from repeating. One hit piece by Daily Wire christofascist Matt Walsh used false pretenses to recruit trans people like fandom member Naia Okami.

On the heels of recent attacks: Casting Call Concern

A tweet by @PleasantPicnic complained “Why the f* is a production company using my image for a casting call”? A furry in Georgia replied “This person tried to join our furry group on Facebook and sent this same message”. Another shared denial and confusion comments from the source of the messages, TV producer Lynn Scheid.

How To Spot Fake News tip #1 is “Consider the Source.”

Lynn Scheid was trying to engage a community from a mostly bare Twitter account, so some watchers weren’t clear if he was real. He is, but concerningly, his 200 Twitter follows were full of far-right blogs and propaganda pushers.

Also Russian propaganda accounts, including Dmitry Medvedev.

— 🦊 (@chipfoxx) January 27, 2023

A deeper look for an agenda

A legitimate journalist may monitor the right wing, but Scheid’s Twitter didn’t show a reason like that. It did have red flags like a follow for the Project Veritas hoax group. Shortly after it drew criticism, Scheid’s Twitter was wiped blank.

Could a freshly made Twitter account have simply followed recommendations, meaning this was Twitter’s own bias? A media professional would recognize scummy sources. (Consider how mere furries are being eagle eyed.) Even simple carelessness bodes ill for approaching a community.

Scheid’s online footprint:

Scheid’s podcast interview is just tepid entrepeneurial speak, but the podcast itself makes telling company. It gives a hoaxer air time to rail against woke “radicalizing” and affiliates with notorious Republican strategist Roger Stone, who was convicted of 7 felonies for crime for the Trump campaign.

The podcast is very vague on personal details except that Scheid is a money guy for TV shows. After 40:00 he mentions producing reality shows for networks with 30 to 40 in production. Recently, Scheid posted a Philadelphia area documentary crew job ad, and another ad mentioning a 3 month pilot shooting time and physical office for a longer docuseries.

When warning friends about a problem, it’s good practice to try to avoid directly boosting it like by interacting with its source.

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