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When Otter Met Husky

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We got this from author Tempe O’Kun regarding the new novel Windfall: “Tempe O’Kun (, author of the award-winning furry fantasy-western Sixes Wild, returns! His new novel centers around Kylie and Max, an otter and a husky, who are best friends grappling with falling in love with each other…and with the fact that the supernatural cable TV show they starred in was actually real. Featuring 22 illustrations from acclaimed furry artist Slate (, this new M/F furry romance is a mystery you’ll find irresistible. Available at the FurPlanet booth for $15 at Anthrocon and online afterward. Windfall is a sweet love story between a cute otter and a hunky husky. It’s also about alien horrors beyond the imagination. Want to read a book that would blow Lovecraft’s mind? This is your chance.” Check it out and pre-order over at FurPlanet.

image c. 2015 FurPlanet

image c. 2015 FurPlanet


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