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Furries Growing Up Together

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The artist known as Keto has a new illustrated story project called Point Nowhere, telling the story of two “country boys”, a bear and a canine. “In 1960’s Georgia, two farm boys, Dale and Feargus, meet at childhood and form a deep bond they don’t quite understand. They face the struggle of their emotions, upbringings, and relationships both together and separately. They learn how to overcome these struggles by finding the courage to be vulnerable and imperfect. But learning these lessons doesn’t come quickly; it can take a lifetime.” Keto’s Patreon page has more information about the project, a request for crowd-funding assistance to see it through, and a preview video as well. [And with that, we’ll see you after San Diego Comic Con!]

image c. 2015 by Keto

image c. 2015 by Keto


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