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Is There More to Life Than Killing?

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Teagan Gavet is likely better known in furry fandom as the artist Black Teagan — and perhaps known best as one-half of the award-winning art collective known as Blotch. Now she has created a brand new full-color anthropomorphic graphic novel of her own, Oren’s Forge, and she plans to put installments up on line starting soon. “The bizarre rumor of a sanctuary free from predation has reached many animals, and not just those considered as prey. Two pine martens, Rask and Quannaq, follow the tales to the lake that lay in the shadow of mountain. While they have the long teeth of a flesh-eater, they know the constant fear of greater hunters who consider them only meat. Convinced that there is more to this life than a mere transition into death, they go on toward the unknown, unsure if they will find welcome or ruin.” Visit the official web site for updates, and look for Oren’s Forge on line starting November 16th.

image c. 2015 by Teagan Gavet

image c. 2015 by Teagan Gavet


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