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One More Time with the Armored Bears

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According to an article over at i09, the BBC have given the green-light to another go at adapting Philip Pullman’s well-known and controversial fantasy series His Dark Materials. As you may recall, New Line Cinema attempted to adapt the first book in the series, The Golden Compass (known as The Northern Lights in Europe) into a movie back in 2007. It did poorly at the North American box office — but better in Europe, where Mr. Pullman’s work is more of a known commodity. This time around though the BBC intends to adapt the work as an 8-part TV miniseries, which is probably a good move given the novels’ complexity of plot. What we don’t know yet (besides a targeted release date) is if that 8-part miniseries is meant to cover the entire trilogy or just the first book. We’ll find out! If you didn’t know, His Dark Materials describes a parallel world where humans have their souls as animal companions that talk to them — and they share the world with talking bears who make armor and fight.

image c. 2015 New Line Cinema

image c. 2015 New Line Cinema


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