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One Day a Little Kitty Went to Camp…

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Another MIPCOM find, courtesy of Animation Magazine, called Welcome to Bric-A-Broc. “Mino is a lively city cat: cheerful, crafty and very boisterous. In the hope of calming him down, his parents have sent him to a countryside holiday camp for the summer. Mino can’t think of anything worse! He’s stuck in the middle of nowhere on a dilapidated farm run by an old goat and a scatter-brained giraffe. The manager is a stickler for rules and the instructor keeps organizing loads of outdoor activities to make the most of the fresh air when all Mino wants to do is stay inside where it’s warm and cosy and play computer games. Mino has to learn to make the best of it but his exuberant character turns every episode into an extraordinary escapade.” That’s the official description from Gaumont Animation in France, and you can see more at their web site. Currently they’re seeking distribution for Bric-A-Broc outside of Europe.

image c. 2015 Gaumont Animation

image c. 2015 Gaumont Animation



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