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Big Sister, Little Brother, Big Planet

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And one more from MIPCOM. (Wow, they had a lot of funny animal TV series being plugged this year!). YaYa & Zouk are a pair of little funny animal whatsits in this 2D series for very young viewers, created by Dominique Jolin and produced by ToonDraw Productions in Canada. “Between an active mom, a curious baby, and funny stuffed animals, a big sister named YaYa and her young brother, Zouk, have fun moving back and forth between reality and zany imaginary worlds. Whether it’s through a mirror, borrowing a spaceship, or simply diving into the forest located at the back of the closet, YaYa and Zouk live the pleasure of being two, and being together.” There’s an interactive web site for the series that tells you more about it. Oh, while you’re at it check out ToonDraw’s web site too — they’ve got a new series called Animal Talk in development. It’s about an animal reality show — and we plan to keep our eyes on this one!

image c. 2015 ToonDraw Productions

image c. 2015 ToonDraw Productions


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