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Myths and Magic Come to Life

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The artist Larry MacDougall describes what he does as “fairy tale illustration, comics, and animation”. Working largely with traditional materials and techniques to create his fantasy dreamscapes of humans, fairy folk, mythical creatures, and anthropomorphic whatsits. (We hope he won’t mind us saying that his work reminds us a lot of Brian Froud — in a good way.) Larry has a new paperback book out now called Traditional Magic, Fantasy, and Fairy Tale Design, published by CTN. It features drawings, sketches, and full-color paintings divided up by various creatures. You can keep up with Larry at his Blogspot site, and see more from inside the book over at the Center Stage Gallery.

The Pumpkin Dealer by Larry MacDougall c. 2015

The Pumpkin Dealer by Larry MacDougall c. 2015


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