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Small Girl, Big T-Rex

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One of comic book great Jack Kirby’s more obscure creations was the Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy series — obscure, but still popular among comic book collectors. It featured the adventures (on a parallel, savage world) of an ape-like proto-human named “Moon Boy” and his companion, a firey-red tyrannosaurus rex with human-level intelligence.  And now Marvel comics have brought Devil Dinosaur into modern times, literally, with their new series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur — written by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder, with art by Natacha Bustos. This time around “Moon Girl” is a young human (with some “Inhuman” secrets) who just may be a genius inventor in the making. In the midst of one of her experiments though, she accidentally drags Devil Dinosaur into our world and our time. Talk about a pair who just don’t fit in! The first issue is on the shelves now, and i09 has an interview with the creators as well.

image c. 2015 Marvel Comics

image c. 2015 Marvel Comics


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