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The Good, The Bad, and the Bunny

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Writer Carlo San Juan and Eisner-Award nominated artist Rod Espinosa have combined their talents to bring us a new 4-issue full-color steam-punk fantasy comic mini-series, Immortal Wings. “Deep in the wild wastelands of the cosmic frontier, bounty hunter Blaze and her draconic partner, Gruffyd, combining fighting prowess and magical might to stay alive as they make a living.  Now they dodge the forces of the Galactic Shogunate, as they have partnered with the greatest threat to the empire’s reign…a bunny named Mortimer. ” We think it makes more sense if you read it. Regardless, it’s on the shelves now from Antarctic Press. There’s an interview with the creators over at Two Geeks Talking.

image c. 2016 Antarctic Press 193 486w" sizes="(max-width: 193px) 100vw, 193px" />

image c. 2016 Antarctic Press


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