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Quiznos "Raised by Wolves" Commercials

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A rather cute commercial series just released for Quiznos subs features a man "raised by wolves". The commercial comes in "mild" and "spicy" varieties (assumedly for different demographics). The spicy version is particularly humorous.

See it here, and click on the links beside "check out our new television commercials".



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The guy suckling the wolf...hehe...I dont see that one hitting prime time airwaves much :) Good commercials tho :)

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haha i loved those comercials! i wish they'd put it back on up here

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No, they've pulled the suckling one in the Portland area anyway.

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The spicy ad is airing during Cartoon Networks 'Adult Swim'. I don't think it'll offend anyone during that slot.

Besides, Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were suckled by a wolf. Many ancient statues pay homage to that noble upbringing.

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The commercial is running during primetime on ABC at least in Seattle. Not for long, I expect due to the nursing situation.


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For some reason, the Mild one seems funnier to me. Probably the look on the guy's face.


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