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Video: Micky Mouse speaks out at Disneyland

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Boys and girls can now hope to be greeted by a real-time talking Mickey at Disneyland.

Furry reactions include awesome, pretty cool, neat but creepy and not impressed.


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Interesting, I'll have to go into toon town next time and see about this. Probably slightly scripted in some way or a very talented voice actor? I used to work there (even cleaned that room/his whole house once, was a night custodian for 2 years) so i'll think up what I can say to see if he can be knocked off a script ;)

too bad that I can do the goofy voice but it takes a whole lot out of me (no formal training with it)

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I kinda figured this kind of thing would be done eventually.

The "Don't tell Minnie" thing was the only somewhat creepy thing, but probably reading too much into that joke, lol.

My first thoughts was... my he looked so much shorter on TV.

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furs in general read too much into anything, so yeah. It's just a innocent non sexually tainted joke.

The characters at disneyland usually get felt up by some pervert, I still hope one day to see someone going for minnies jewels on main street and getting more then they bargained for heh heh

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This is magic.

While there had been other kinds of improvised performances at Disney theme parks (like Monster Inc. Laugh Floor), I think it's a daring move to have a character so paramount to their brand identity to star in a unscripted performance. As fursuit makers know well, Disney is very protective of its trademarks.

Like everyone else, I wonder if it's voice synthesizer or it's a voice actor? How do they keep the voice consistent between performers?

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I'm supposed to be on vacation at disneyland near june, so I am going to hopefully see how it's done. Mickeys house is broken up into various sound stages that you are taken into for a meet and greet, so I am not sure if they are going to break it up into some go into one (non voice) and others go into another (voice enabled)

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"Just don't tell Minnie, ok"

xD Made me lmao. Also makes me wonder what he'd say if you told him his fursuit is nice.
"Do I look like one of those animal-worshiping furfaggots to YOU?"

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probably more like: *giggle* "meet me behind the building in the toon town alley way, and hurry, we only have 5 minutes while she is street walking around toon town!"

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0.o no way!!!!!!! could this be...a dream come true...for me if it was tigger......i want to tell him...i love him and i want to bounce with him as well. it was tigger who made me a furry to begin with, ever since i was teased with people calling me by his name, and me falling in love with him, plus the dreams about us bouncing together, everything eventualy led to me joining the furry fandom. that would be cool.

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Alas, you're too late - the voice of Tigger died in 2005.

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It might not be too late.

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Tdawg: I wondered one time if tigger up in critter country was a furry, he seemed to pay a whole lot of attention to a fur I signed into the park who had a collar on

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u know what i mean mohave,"it was tigger(from winnie the pooh) who made me a furry to begin with, ever since i was teased with people calling me by his name, and me falling in love with him, plus the dreams about us bouncing together"n and my fursona is his long lost brother(if he had one). that idea came from the tigger movie and the dreams i had about him.

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