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Hares exhibit permanent pregnancy

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While foxes have the reputation of being sluts in the furry fandom, perhaps this title should rather fall to hares, who have been shown to have simultaneous pregnancies.

The hares show superfetation — the ability to become pregnant before giving birth from an earlier pregnancy. Scientists at the Liebniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research found that pregnant European brown hares can become pregnant again about four days before delivery. This decreases the amount of time between litters and makes the hares capable of being permanently pregnant.


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I don't wanna be a hare...o3o;

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I am so glad I'm a dragon

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Like the above comments, I'd be glad I'm not a bunny, but since I'm a male anyway I guess species is irrelevant :)

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Unless you happen to be of the seahorse-ish persuasion.

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Doin' it like bunnies - even four days before she's done with the last one!

The concept does make me feel rather sorry for my lagomorphic cousins.

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There are pregnophiles about who would likely find a lot of appeal in the notion of a perpetual pregnancy.

(No, I'm not one of them.)

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