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Calling any Hampshire furries!!

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Hiya one and all, being some what new to the furry world I'm unsure of what is on offer out there and what social gatherings maybe close by to me, I would love to here from any furries in the area of Hampshire and hopefully meet some. —bear69


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You'll be after the HantsFurs then, assuming you mean UK hampshire and not the fake US New Hampshire :P

Check out for info.

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Thanks will have look into this and yes dumb me did mean Hampshire UK.

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Hey now, what do you mean "fake?" We here in New Hampshire could quite possibly be moderately offended by that comment ;) It's not fake, it's just new!

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If you mean Hampshire in the UK, then you have meets in Portsmouth and Southampton each month, swapping between the two cities.

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im in hampshire ^^ connected with a couple of furries, mostly around the basingstoke area :3

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I live in Fleet, which is between Reading and Basingstoke ^^ UK Furs seem rare these days!

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Add my facebook or something! I'm from Andover and in desperate need of furries! :P

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Are you freaking serious

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