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'Here Come the Furries!' is theme for May 2013 issue of Virtual Costumer magazine

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Torve The TrogTorve The Trog, a proto-Furry costume from 1985's Costume-Con 3, is just one of the cool things you can learn about in the May 2013 issue of Virtual Costumer. It's titled "Here Come the Furries!"

Readers can expect 49 pages of thoroughly educational info, including the feature, "Running an Animal Mascot Business" by Eric Stevens (Snap E. Tiger), owner of

The magazine also includes my updated article about street fursuiting, and fursuit-making book reviews. It offers a respectful, "gentle introduction to the Furry fandom and fursuit costuming" to other realms of geekdom, going against this tongue-in-cheek pecking order.

Virtual Costumer is published quarterly for members of The Silicon Web Costumers' Guild (SiW). Editor Phil Gust told me:

I'd appreciate you letting people in the community know about us. People can join SiW from anywhere, because we're the "internet" chapter of the International Costumers' Guild. Back issues of VC are free for the entire community.

Early access to the latest issue of VC, including "Here Come the Furries!" is a benefit reserved for SiW members. With four issues a year for a $14 membership, I'd call that a great value.

SiW is a non-profit, educational organization for pro and community theatrical costumers, historic reenactors, fans of sci-fi and ren fairs, and anyone into making, wearing and displaying costumes. Its parent organization, The International Costumers' Guild (ICG), brings hobbyists and pros from around the world together.


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But where is his snazzy red tricycle!? You can't have Torve the Trog without his snazzy red tricycle!

Fred Patten

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Oh, wait, there you are. Never mind.

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Here is Kelly Freas' painting of Torve the Trog, unfortunately without his snazzy red tricycle.

Fred Patten

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Its definitely a great newsletter featuring Adam Riggs, Chairo and others. Worth a read and the $14 ICG/SiW membership is worth it for new to experience costume makers.

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Hello, nightmare-inducing image!

Well, I'll be...

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