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February 2014 Newsbytes archive

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, Higgs Raccoon, Kakurady, mwalimu, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe and RingtailedFox.

Fred: Good news for snowy owl lovers.

Higgs Raccoon: Disney Studios is reviving Chip 'n' Dale as a live-action/CG hybrid.

RingtailedFox: I know it's not really furry and only tangentially-related to animals, but I'll post it anyway … Pope Francis blesses a parrot (named Amore), owned by a male stripper/erotic film actor.

Higgs Raccoon: Greater, believed to be the world's oldest flamingo, dies at Adelaide Zoo aged 83.

Fred: First came the aliens, then came the humans.

Fred: Taylor, Texas, Tex Avery's home town, proclaims February 22 "Tex Avery Day".

crossaffliction: Correction: The Criterion Collection released Akira on Laserdisc, making Fantastic Mr. Fox the second animated feature in the collection. Sorry for the error.

crossaffliction: While we’re on the subject, however, detailed photos of the packaging are now available. [tip: inkycrow]

crossaffliction: And while I'm here, since I'm still behind on the FMAW columns, I'm picking Frozen to win Best Animated Feature at the Annies.

crossaffliction: And while we’re predicting winners, Eli the gorilla likes the Seahawks’ chances.

Fred: Frozen won! -- and other stories.

Higgs Raccoon: Catlateral Damage - the first-person destructive cat simulator.

Higgs Raccoon: It's Groundhog Day! And Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter.

Fred: Is furry fandom ready for the doberhuahua?

mwalimu: Ellen DeGeneres Super Bowl commercial for Beats Music features furry dancers.

Fred: Chip 'n Dale's Gadget Hackwrench is worshipped as a goddess in Russia.

Higgs Raccoon: Octodad: Dadliest Catch was released on Steam on January 30.

Patch Packrat: It would be awesome if there was a private forum or mailing list to work on Flayrah stories before they go out. Anyone want to set up/administer, I will give you $100 at least.

Kakurady: This Super Bowl ad for Labatt Blue beer features a "Professional Stuntbear. Do not attempt."

RingtailedFox: OH NO! USA military canine captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan!

crossaffliction: A deleted song from The Lion King kind of puts paid to the “Nala is Scar’s daughter” thing without reducing the implied creepiness.

crossaffliction: Rumor going around that Marvel Studios already is confident enough about Guardians of the Galaxy to green light a sequel. And possibly send said sequel up against Batman vs. Superman.

dronon: I guess it figures that McGruff the crime dog would know what it tastes like.

GreenReaper: Danish zoo plans to feed giraffe to tigers to preserve a "genetically sound" population.

Rakuen Growlithe: Crow solves 8 step puzzle.

crossaffliction: GKIDS’ to distribute Academy Award nominated The Secret of Kells director’s follow up Song of the Sea, which features selkies.

crossaffliction:We first meet Mr. Fox on a quiet autumn afternoon at the top of a hill over a meadow below a pink sky.” [inkycrow]

Higgs Raccoon: Cartoon Brew treats us to the full A la Francaise short (previously noted by Fred Patten). A lot of fun.

GreenReaper: Looking for ideas for your next fursuit games? Try going overseas, to Rusfurrence 2014. [WeFurries]

GreenReaper: Fursuiters are front-cover news for Australian "reality-based" woman's magazine that's life!. [bornes]

GreenReaper: Of course, it's not the first time furries have appeared in such magazines.

Higgs Raccoon: Have a few seconds of (alleged) Rocket Raccoon concept animations from Guardians of the Galaxy. (Oh, and the official trailer is out on Feb. 18.)

dronon: A game trailer for Goat Simulator.

RingtailedFox: Olympic skiing athlete rescues stray puppies in Sochi!

crossaffliction: So. Equestria Girls 2.

mwalimu: ...and here's the article from that's life! that GreenReaper referred to above.

Higgs Raccoon: It isn't just humans who can't resist popping bubble wrap.

Higgs Raccoon: Kokatu on Rocket Raccoon: "It's an outstanding year to be a homicidal raccoon fan."

Fred: Reindeer with glowing horns instead of noses.

Fred: Toronto Zoo polar bear cub named Searik -- but what does it mean?

Fred: Censored news photograph of pigs' faces.

Fred: 1942 Nazi experiments into using malaria-infected mosquitos as war weapons.

Higgs Raccoon: The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has been released.

GreenReaper: Monkey puppeteer controls sedated 'avatar' through mere thought.

crossaffliction: Darnit, GreenReaper, I was going to post “keeping the Guardians streak going” but you ruined it! Anyway, Legos.

Higgs Raccoon: A new marsupial has been discovered in Australia, which engages in "suicidal reproduction".

crossaffliction: See, this is what I’m missing now that I can’t do Previews. My Little Pony next please.

crossaffliction: Rocket Raccoon’s first line revealed! “This is our booty!” What?

crossaffliction: Plus a new poster: “From the studio that brought you Iron Man. Thor. Captain America. The Avengers. Guardians of the Galaxy. You’re welcome.”

mwalimu: Local magazine features fursuit studio "By Cats 4 Cats", owned by Eric "Snapcat" Stevens, in ‘White Bear Lake company creates costumes "4 Cats"’.

GreenReaper: Do dogs respond to our voices? Study says … maybe, but not as much as other dogs' barking.

Fred: Tourism may help save endangered lemurs.

Fred: Rubber duck racing grows in international popularity.

Fred: Chile rapidly breeds wild owls to eat disease-carrying rats.

crossaffliction: Sochi’s Ceiling Cat. [Cracked]

Fred: Yawns are part of language to a baboon.

Fred: The fish that climb up sheer rock cliffs -- with their mouths.

Fred: 7 ft. tall hedgehog statue for people who have never seen a live one.

earthfurst: California home transformed by $35,000 renovation into cat paradise with tunnels, walkways, ledges and a spiral.

Fred: 1 living manta ray = $2,000,000 in tourism.

GreenReaper: Comic art auctions to benefit Sharon & Stan Sakai begin March 6.

Fred: Did you think Godzilla looks scary? You haven't seen the new 2014 Godzilla movie yet.

Fred: Child dies from infected rat bite; lawsuit against Petco.

GreenReaper: Cat grabs are more fun when you're a tiger.

GreenReaper: Text followed by a link now auto converts to linked text when submitted as a Newsbyte.

GreenReaper: Fancy a survey about online furry communities? Help a sociology undergrad with his thesis. [reddit]

GreenReaper: Speaking of online … the BBC labels 'Birds with Arms' forum one of five "oddest" web communities.

RingtailedFox: Nintendo pulls plug on online play for DS and Wii games like StarFox Command and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, effective May 20!

Patch Packrat: Weird Japanese guy turns himself into a turkey.

Fred: Mammoths and passenger pigeons; at the top of the to-be-revived list.

GreenReaper: "Zoos euthanise thousands of animals per year" - true but misleading, say park experts.

crossaffliction: Rocket Raccoon is getting his own ongoing comic book series! With art by Skottie freaking Young! Get excited!

GreenReaper: Sharks with frickin' cameras.



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