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Video: Coldplay's "Adventure of a Lifetime"

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This music video, for the band Coldplay's "Adventure of a Lifetime", may be of some interest.

It was filmed at the Imaginarium, the digital motion capture studio set up by Andy Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish in London. Is this the first of many realistic anthropomorphic mo-cap music videos that we can see in the future?


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Ooooh, I want to see Jonathan Cavendish's & Andy Serkis' mo-cap version of "Animal Farm"!

Fred Patten

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Crossie doesn't seem to have used this weblink to The Guardian's behind-the-scenes look at the making of this music video. I think that it's interesting.

Fred Patten

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Yeah, I did; the words "music video" in the first sentence.

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Oops. I missed that that was separate from the following link. Sorry.

I still say that "motion capture" is not "animation". But it's an impressive cinematic technique when used correctly, as it is here.

Fred Patten

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Ugh, sometimes you take it too far flayrah. Furries can't lay claim to every talking animal in existence, its known as retroactive branding and really makes you guys look desperate. Let's also consider the fact that I've never come across a primate fursona in my life, because that's not really a thing in the furry fandom. Apes are close enough to humans even in their feral form, so there is almost no point in athropomorphizing them.

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Um, I have had a gorilla fursona for many many years now, actually. Some of us consider other primates to be not only beautiful creatures but quite wonderful anthropomorphics, thank you very much.

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Furries can't lay claim to every talking animal in existence…

I do; I will.

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"...every talking animal in existence..." not only "falls under" the definition of "anthropomorphic", it kind of IS the definition of "anthropomorphic"!

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This perhaps is what the ape-men from '2001' did once the monolith had expanded their consciousness.

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