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British Forestry Commision to make happy, fun woods

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The British Forestry Commision is worried that people look at a dark group of trees and think 'Blair Witch'. So they want to turn woods into idyllic, fairy tale like places.

No, not those sort of fairy tales. They want to clear out some of the trees to make artifical glades (filled with bluebells) and make nice, broad paths. They also want to encourage kids to play unsupervised in the woods. Are they sure it's not like a fairy tale?


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Hmm... "We have set up an education programme to introduce children... to the forest." Introduce them how, exactly? "Johnny, meet Mrs. Bear and her cubs..."

Also, I see "dappled shade" is one of the things they insist all the forests have. Suddenly I'm picturing Dapple Inspectors going around... "This shade's not dappled enough! Heads will roll!"

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this certainly seems to 'take the biscuit' for daftness - are they that ignorant of environmental stability depending upon its diversity??? well i don't live there so i'm probably not entirely qualified to have an opinion but ... i do have a question: do these guys have any sort of legitimate accademic or other credentials or are they political appointees of some sort???

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