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The cats in the 'Cats' movie will be motion capture creations; was that the right choice?

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Okay so I looked this up, and saw that they're only doing motion capture to add fur to them (as opposed to the use of motion capture in something like Monster House). Which doesn't sound great to me, especially if they're just computer-generating stage-style costumes, but they could get really wacky with it. It wouldn't be the first time this movie's surprised me.

Speaking of which, when I was looking this up I found out Idris Elba is going to be in it now? And that's just delightful.

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Nothing sounds great to you, not least this.
But why would a man make a difference to you, you flip-flop like a switch!

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If we are talking about the British-American musical fantasy comedy-drama film based on the musical of the same name then YES.

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I for one look forward to idris elba being turned into a giant cat by CG... assuming the CG is good, of course.

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Just as long as they base it on motion capture of actual cats. After all, they're going to be that size.

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No it will be furfags...

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Well, putting the damn poll in the newshole (that's what it's called!) certainly does increase the vote count.

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I don't think there's much reason to do a poll on y'all's feelings about the live action Lion King ... partially because I can read the room, but partially because at one point, y'all thought it was what you wanted.

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Might as well share this Tweet I found funny earlier today:

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I didn't. I would've avoided watching any of the trailers too but one was shown before HTTYD3.

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