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Review: 'Farmost Star I See Tonight', by Jonathan W. Thurston

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Farmost Star I See TonightFull disclosure: I wrote a blurb for this book, which is quoted on the back cover.

Farmost Star I See Tonight is a mystical, dreamy, touching romantic fantasy for shy teenagers. Whether humans or wolves, ‘omega’ adolescents may feel that they are alone. This novel will help them to see that their troubles are not unique or their fault, and that, even if they have not met them yet, there is someone out there for them.

Rian is a black-furred adolescent wolf and Lissa is white-furred. Otherwise, they are almost identical. Both are shy and lonely members of their packs, blamed by their parents for refusing to socialize, but finding nobody among their peers with whom they can truly be friends. Rian’s father Gull despises him for having no interest in pack dominance battles, and Lissa is left to take care of her younger siblings while her parents bicker and ignore them.

Then, Lissa was left alone in the dark with only her feelings of sorrow, self-hate, and loneliness to sooth her into sleep. (p. 7)

CreateSpace, March 2013, trade paperback $14.95 (188 [+ 3] pages), Kindle $6.00.

California legislators propose animal abuse registry

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A link-sprinkled news post in TIME discusses the possibility for a state-wide animal-abuser registry in California. [credit: Doodles/]

The proposed registry is estimated to cost anywhere from half-a-million to a million dollars to setup, plus another $300,000-$400,000 annually.

While nobody really wants to support animal abuse, an editorial from the Fresno Bee notes the current proposal does not have the backing of pet food vendors, whose products would be taxed to fund it, and suggests it duplicates the work of private anti-abuse organizations.

Man Cuts Off Puppy Tails

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An American man was found guilty of animal abuse and fined $1,000 for slicing the tails off of his dogs with a box cutter...

Link Here

Quebec Mascots Under Siege

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Créations, a Quebec supplier of professional mascots best known for the Montreal Expos mascot Youppi!, has lodged a complaint against Bell Canada for running a series of advertisements the company believes are responsible for a wave of mascot abuse.

Jean-Claude Tremblay, the company's president, complained in a National Post article:

"Just this weekend I had one [mascot] with six people on him. They tried unzipping his costume ... one of the kids was halfway inside the costume with the person. He fell on his back and then they jumped on him."

Furry Mascot Occupational Hazards

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Here's one from left field. New Scientist just posted a news article about the occupational hazards of mascots in furry costume. Apparently some research was done by Johns Hopkins on the subject.

Once abused animals now have a safe home.

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45 miles north of Kingman Arizona, along highway 93 between Dolan and Hoover dam A new animal shelter is being built. KEEPERS OF THE WILD, having moved from Las Vegas Nevada is planning on building a new 3.5 acre park-like habitat for it's resident animals.This will include a gift shop and deli to help provide needed funds for this non-profit organisation.