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Artist claims work stolen from IndyFurCon parking lot, offers reward

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Kigai Holt is an artist whose works include anthro art. Although not considering himself a furry, and not being deeply involved in the furry fandon, Kigai attended last weekend's IndyFurCon 2013 to sell commissions in the Artists' Alley.

According to journals posted on deviantART and Fur Affinity, Kigai enjoyed the convention and was able to sell several commissions; but the experience was soured when his car was broken into, and his original artwork and art supplies stolen.

IndyFurCon outgrows hotel six months before launch

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Most new furry conventions strike an uneasy balance with growth. Furry Connection North found it had to move immediately after its first year. But IndyFurCon has gone one better, claiming to have outgrown its hotel half a year before launch.

Whoozfur Inc. Vice President Drittauge Cougar explained the situation:

After research due to high demand for the event, we have concluded that our current venue is unable to provide adequate space and accommodations for the convention. [...] The Hilton Indianapolis North will be taking over as our venue for IndyFurCon 2010.

Update: Memberships are on sale until Sunday. Regular: $40 -> $25, Sponsor: $70 -> $50, Supersponsor: $130 -> $105, Lifetime: $250 -> $225

Indiana gets a convention

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Yet another furry convention has sprung up in the last month, this time the Indianapolis-based convention IndyFurCon.

Headed by Tora Nightprowler and scheduled for August 5-8, 2010; IndyFurCon is Indiana's first furry convention, starting life with the theme of "Tropical, Furry, Fun!"

It is to be held at the Fishers Conference Center and offers a range of entrance choices, from the $15 day pass to the $130 super-sponsor. There are also a range of lifetime memberships, which give entrance to this and every future IndyFurCon for up to $750.