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'Mongrels' axed by BBC Three

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Mongrels charactersBritish comedy puppet series Mongrels has been axed by its television station, BBC3.

The series, described as "Avenue Q meets Family Guy", centred on a troupe of five anthropomorphic animals who hung around the back of a pub on the Isle of Dogs in London.

BBC offers chance to tour 'Mongrels' set

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The BBC is offering viewers the chance to get behind the set of animal puppet sitcom Mongrels.

Limited numbers of tickets are available for tours and previews on 13th, 20th and 27th May. A random draw for the tickets will take place between now and midday on 9th May.

'Mongrels' wins RTS Craft and Design Award

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'Mongrels' charactersBBC Three puppet-based animal sitcom Mongrels has won the Royal Television Society (RTS) Craft and Design Award for "Production Design – Entertainment and Non-Drama".

Production designer Simon Rogers and his team took the award, defeating popular Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd and BBC children's comedy series Hounded.

However, Mongrels lost the award for "Tape and Film Editing – Entertainment and Situation Comedy" to Channel 4 sitcom Pete Versus Life.

'Mongrels' nominated for two RTS Craft and Design Awards

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'Mongrels' charactersBritish puppet-based sitcom Mongrels has been nominated for two Royal Television Society (RTS) Craft and Design Awards.

The series, which revolves around the lives of five anthropomorphic animals who hang around the bin yard of a pub on the Isle of Dogs, London, has been nominated for two awards which are given within the areas of TV production. The winners will be announced on 24th November.

BBC Three's 'Mongrels' exposes puppetry to adult audience

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'Mongrels' charactersUK animal-lovers are getting a treat with Mongrels, an urban animal puppet comedy by TX Media, now airing on BBC Three.

Subtitled "a puppet show for adults," the show is described by director Adam Miller as "Avenue Q meets Family Guy but with puppet animals."

Each episode features a song; topics include God, lesbians, pedophiles and the middle class. The show is also peppered with in-jokes about celebrities and random humour.

Bonus: Go behind the scenes to learn more about Marion and Nelson from their creators.

Review: 'Mongrels' episode 1

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The main characters in Mongrels (left to right): Destiny, Nelson, Kali (top), Marion (bottom) and Vince

Mongrels sets the tone very early on. The first scene features a pensioner falling down some stairs to her death.

Her pet cat Marion (accent unknown) tries to give her mouth-to-mouth. This proves to be of no avail as the woman has been dead for four months. So, what do Marion’s fellow felines do to their late owner? Simple - they eat her.

From this opening you can tell what kind of audience they are aiming for. Mongrels pushes the boundaries of taste and admittedly at times it is very funny.

Preview clips of 'Mongrels' online

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The main characters in Mongrels (left to right): Destiny, Nelson, Kali (top), Marion (bottom) and Vince

Preview clips of BBC Three adult animal puppet sitcom Mongrels are available before the series begins on 22nd June.

Previously known under the title We Are Mongrels, the sitcom revolves around the lives of five wild animals living around the back of an inner city pup.

New furry puppet comedy coming to BBC Three

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A snap-shot of We Are Mongrels, from Broadcast

British digital TV channel BBC Three has commissioned an adult puppet series featuring anthropomorphic animals.

We Are Mongrels, a series of 8 x 30 minute episodes, follows the exploits of a country fox who decides to discover "the real wild life" in the city. He travels to the Isle of Dogs and meets up with a range of different characters including a "sexy" Afghan hound whom he falls in love with, a street cat, and a sarcastic pigeon from Blackburn.