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Arm the Animals

Arm the Animals is a group with a simple mission: “Create killer T-Shirts that make a statement and generate funds for small, struggling animal rescues.” To that end they offer a full line of t-shirts, hats, posters, and fashion accessories, all illustrated with an eye for AAA — that stands for animals, artistry, and attitude! Check out their web site to find their latest designs, which they are constantly adding to. They also make the rounds at several comic book conventions and pet shows as well. Their front page includes profiles of several of the animal rescue organizations they are currently helping to fund.

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What's the 'Fast and Furious' scandal? Why should furs care?

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Last week the U.S. House of Representatives voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. The charge? Illegally withholding documents that the House had lawfully subpoenaed regarding an ATF program gone berserk.

Pretty much everyone agrees that the Fast and Furious operation itself – which began under the Obama presidency and thus was ultimately overseen by Eric Holder and which involved supplying Mexican drug cartels with weapons without so much as consulting the Mexican government – was an ill-conceived failure, so poorly planned as to border upon the absurd. This much, the administration has acknowledged. But what they seem to want to cover up is, who knew what and when did they know it?

Is that cow really a tank? Kill it!

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A new British "invisibility cloak" infra-red system, Adaptiv, makes it possible to disguise military vehicles as large animals such as cows, even while moving. This has the potential during warfare to get a lot of animals killed, just to play safe.

Outrage over video showing squirrel being pepper-sprayed

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Police were called to Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite, Texas, after a squirrel was seen behaving erratically. The concern was that this can be a sign of rabies.

As a baby squirrel hopped towards a policeman in the grounds of a school, he took out his pepper spray, apparently to defend himself against the potentially infected animal. As school children pleaded with the officer not to harm the creature, the squirrel advanced and the man reacted by spraying it. The squirrel became disorientated and started writhing on the ground.

A Mesquite Animal Control officer was called and cleaned the spray off the squirrel. After being given a satisfactory bill of health, it was released back into the wild.

A video recording of the pepper-spraying incident, made by students, generated outrage after it was posting on YouTube. Having received over 700,000 views in one week, comments on the video are split between those condemning the officer's actions as heavy-handed, and those sympathising with his need to maintain personal safety in the face of a possibly rabid animal.

Anthrocon bans fur over open carry

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Guns permeate American culture — and fursuiters are popular targets, getting shot in TV shows, music videos and even fan-made productions.

To foreigners, COPS is accepted as the gospel truth; visitors half-expect to see Mickey Mouse strolling into Disneyland with a .45 at his hip, or a rifle slung across his back.

But for residents, the truth is more nuanced, as two-time Anthrocon attendee David Ross found when he was banned after openly — and legally — carrying a firearm in Pennsylvania.

Life on the furry front line

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A boy is considered strange, atypical, and is thus distanced from humanity. This boy finds himself up against a wall at knife point of a disgruntled peer. This young peer brandishes his blade and thrusts it wildly in intimidation. The boy responds to this intimidation and willingly withdraws from the junior society. This secluded safety allows him to uncover places and things unknown to him. The boy is amazed and the sky opens up. The world is his and his is shared.

Years later this boy, now a man, comes across the same peer, now a man as well. The peer from so long ago now brandishes an even bigger knife and is just as disgruntled. The peer once again starts to back the man against the wall and thrust his blade, but the man is unharmed. The man is happy and proud in his life and lifestyle! He walks right past the dagger and it's keeper smiling! The peer now has to go find another person to corner, and that new person may have a knife as well.

Hemms is a proud furry from America who's rather fond of freedom of expression and the Furry Guru series.