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Jace Inugami


Full name
Raulin C. Hentchel
Nashville, TN
Japanese language and culture, cooking, video games, comic books, art
Occupation title
Wolf Ghost

A member of the fandom since the infamous CSI debacle, Jace has slowly built his way into the life of furry. Joining deviantArt and later Fur Affinity in high school, he built up his friends in the community, though never had a local group to get close with. While at Vanderbilt University, Jace met with Frocta at a local coffee shop, which through much care and nourishment grew into a huge weekly fur meet.

Now graduated from college, Jace has been working as the Secretary for FangCon's inaugural, as well as a moderator on the Tennessee Fur Forums, and acts as an active member of the Nashville Furry community, frequently hosting meets at his apartment.


Member for
8 years 26 weeks

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