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Poor dead badger on the road

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It's bad enough when you're an English badger who's now flat at the side of a road. But when the construction crew paints the road line right over you, well, that's just sad. Brought to the attention of the local council by pictures in the newspaper, they're 'investigating' and say that the road work was done by contractors.

from MelSkunk: No, I couldn't find a photo...


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The photos probably look something similar to this (be wary - popu- heavy site). That's an *old* picture, though... Someone emailed that to me years and years ago.

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Thats it- time to spank a few road crews for doing stupid people tricks....

I yam disgustipated......

-Iron Badger-

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Caltrans is working in Britan now? ;)

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Photo here:,,2-2002420237,00.html

I'm sure the badger didn't mind. He was dead.

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