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Humans littered early

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Though early homonids were adept tool makers, the concept of recycling the tools for multiple uses seemed to not hit them yet. A quarry in central India is surrounded by discarded Homo erectus stone tools, suggesting that the tools were used nearby and discarded after use. Though this stage of homonids were very humanlike in an ability to design and make tools, they were quite chimplike in a lack of ability to plan ahead. Chimps and other tool making animals also discard tools as an 'as needed' item.


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Well given the lack of pockets....

The new interpretation of the original sin (aka why Adam and Eve threw on clothing): making tools for future use! ;)

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So does this mean that the first major invention that started technology was the pocket?

- Pockets

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Not the first major, certainly, but being a major stepping stone, yes... or perhaps not pockets per se, but knapsacks, carrying bags, etc.

It's been noted many times in the fandom that one reason for furs to wear clothing (seeing as how they are generally well-protected from the environment by their pelt) is for pockets to carry stuff.

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Exactly. Where else would a wolf keep the keys to his car while he's at the office? ;)

"We use them for divine retribution."

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Female marsupials, of course, would not have this problem. }=)

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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If he's a toon wolf, he can use BODY POCKETS. :}

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I'm disappointed that nobody said "On his office desk, duh!"

"We use them for divine retribution."

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