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The results are in on Furtopia’s first poetry contest!

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A poetry contest was held on Furtopia’s “Poetry Corner” forums that was open to all furs. The contest ran from Nov 30 to Dec10.

This is WhiteShepherd, admin of Furtopia. I would first like to thank all the great and gifted furs who posted in our contest. It is furs like you, who are willing to contribute a piece of yourselves to this fandom, that make our furry world such a wonderful place to live. Part of furry is the treasures from the dreams we all share. All the poems we got had good points. It was very hard to narrow such a good list of writing. So here now is a link with the final results of the judging including comments:

Contest results:

I highly recommend you read all the poems submitted here at this link:;f=14;t=20

As reward the winning poems will linked up in large for all to see on Furtopia’s main page:
The link will remain up for 3 months until Furtopia’s next contest.


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