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Cyantia Comic Strips Expanding!

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From the comic strip site that brings you Satin & Silk, Campus Safari and numerous other titles, one of the titles is increasing its frequency this week to begin updating three times a week.
Shivae! chronicles the lives of a family of dinosaur-like creatures in a realistic fashion, ie, this isn't Disney.

Also added to the lineup, is a new strip which updates twice a week, Alien Dice. What is Alien Dice,...? The surest sign of intelligence is the eagerness of a creature to embark in games and how often they play, so what kind of games would highly advanced civilizations play? Card games just wouldn't cut it, sports? Not interactive enough. Wild game hunts, the animals are stupid. How about a game in which each world is a playground, without the inhabitants knowing about it? How about stealing their pets to use in these alien games,...
and what if you get caught?

And that's it for this month, next month will see the arrival of a new more mature comic strip on the site, Altered States.


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