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Explaining Furry Fandom.

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After explaining to yet another group of friends what Furry fandom is and isn't, I was motivated to write this comparison between furry fandom (which most people don't know about) and sci-fi fandom (which most people now do).

Flame on.



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I think to explain furry fandom, you have to explain what inspires it. Science Fiction fandom springs from several wells: movies, TV, books, anime, comic books. Science Fiction fandom is fed by producers.

Furry Fandom seems only half-fed by producers. The other half seems to be fed by fan-created material.

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Others may flame, but personally, /I/ think you did a very good and fair-minded job of it, Deuce. I just wish we could always find someone as calm as yourself to explain things about the fandom to the curious.


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Agreed! I've always tried to draw parallels between furry and SF/Fantasy when explaining the fandom to others. And, at the very least, you've managed to touch upon possibly every aspect of both fandoms.

*heh* "...using phasers non-Starfleet-approved ways..." *chuckle*

- PunkTiger!

- PunkTiger!

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If you want to be heard, consider

It's a growing WebZine focusing on Fandom(s) but I don't believe they've had anyone touch on Furry Fandom yet.

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I am the editor of MarsDust. We would really LOVE to get your views on furry fandom. We would love to make furry fandom a regular part of our fandom reporting actually. If you want to help, please come to the site and check us out. You can email me personally at jason**at**marsdust**dot**com
Jason Ahlquist

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I think that's a vey fair and reasonable comparison that most people will understand. :-) I still think though it slightly divides the fandom into two, yiffs and not yiffs. I know that's a more socially acceptable way of presenting it to people, but furs who like sexually charged media form an important part of the fandom not just a sideline. There'aren't just a 'few' of us. Our interest is as legitimate as a non sexual interest, and I feel that the true diversity of the fandom is being 'sugar coated'. Regardless of that, if I wanted to explain to scifi fan about furries I'd probably make use of what you've written.

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