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Endangered turtle to be probed!

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The Australian reports that a male Lavarack's turtle, originally thought to be extinct, was recently found in Queensland, Australia. In addition to its rarity, scientists are eager to examine the turtle for another reason: its species breathes through its cloaca--its rear orifice. "Over the next few days the 1kg turtle will be measured from top to toe and then suffer a more intrusive inspection. Scientists will stick a camera-headed fibre-optic cable into his cloaca to see how his breathing apparatus works."


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Message from the tutle: I came out here to prove that I wasn't extinct and 'this' is how I'm treated!? They could at least warm the damn thing up first.

Feh, humans.

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Well if you can get the turtle to TALK out of its ass'll fit in great with my friends ;)

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