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FurBid has temporary hosting

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Hi folks

FurBid is temporarily back online on a new server, courtesy of Dragonmagic. Critical bidding functions are working, but some features, like the message board, are still being worked on. I hope to restore full functionality within the week. By then, we should know if our colo's outage is terminal, and whether there are acceptable alternatives.

Oh yes... all auctions closing 6/28 to 6/30 have been extended four days to allow ISPs to play DNS catch-up. If you can't access the site yet, chances are your ISP hasn't updated its DNS cache for yet. Give it a few hours.

FurBid administaur


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None of the DNS servers I tried have updated.

Need a direct URL like: index.php?=furbid

That URL isn't working, it is something else.

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Put an entry:

in your hosts table (/etc/hosts or c:\windows\hosts).

Just going to the IP address doesn't work; your browser has to also be sending the domain name to hit the proper virtual.

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I have created a canonical to point to furbid,

It will only get you there. Some of the scripts are absolute in pointing to You will get DNS issues with these until either you adjust your hosts file, use Dragon Magic's DNS services (which are working properly, at ( and (, or get the DNS propagated once Aatheus has adjusted the nameservers.

This was sudden for Aatheus and we're trying to match his old setup as best we can with different hardware, OS and setup. We hope this is a short temporary problem and FurBid will be back up and working well.

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