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And You Thought Navy Dolphins Were Bad?

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Fifteen people were injured and eight killed in the town of Chita, Columbia when a bomb strapped to a horse exploded.

The "horse bomb" went off in a crowded market area, and is believed to be the work of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), who have used donkeys and horses in past attacks.


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Wasn't this also a gag in a SOUTH PARK episode? In an attempt to stop a football game explosives are strapped to the mascot mule.

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Represenatives from Alpo were unable to comment.

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And this is worse than meat industry Eight humans died and you're whining about the horse?

Just pointing out the hypocracy - I eat meat, so the horse buying it doesn't bug me. Actually, I've had some horse sashimi that was some of the best meat I've ever eaten. No detonations involved in that one, though.

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We'll set aside the fact that the horse is a greater loss due to the superiority of the equine species and focus on your argument of meat consumption.

If we assume that the horse weighed in around 1000 pounds, and that those eight humans average in at 150 pounds a piece (for a combined total of 1200 lbs.), and likewise assert that one can derive far more usable meat from a horse than a human, then it is easily apparant that the loss of a single horse is more costly in terms of available meat than nearly those eight humans.

You even point out that it probably tastes quite better than your average funky two-legger. So, by all course of logic, you too should see fit to mourn for the loss of an animal certainly worth at least eight humans.


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