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Midwest Furfest: The End Is Near!

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Well, the end of cheap pre-registration for Midwest Furfest 2003, anyway. Yes, the $30.00 pre-registration jumps to $40.00 after September 30, so if you?re going to pre-register, now is the time to do it!But Duncan, you say, because you apparently like to talk to your computer and assume that the other person can hear you, if I don?t pre-register by September 30, does that mean I can?t attend the convention?

Of course not! We will continue to accept mail-in registrations until November 1 and online registrations until November 15. And you can always just come to the convention and register at the door. But if you want to pre-register and save ten bucks, well, you?ll have to do it by Tuesday, September 30! And just think of what you can buy in the dealers room with the ten bucks you?ve saved. Or in the Artists Den. Or that?s ten bucks that you could donate to our charity, Animals for Awareness. Heck, you could even walk across the street and get a meal at one of the many nearby restaurants with that ten bucks! So pre-register now and make your plans on how to best spend the ten dollars that you so wisely saved!


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