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Australian lycanthropy cult

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A QUASI-religious cult is using the Internet to recruit teenagers who are encouraged to act as werewolves, howl at the moon and eat raw meat.

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from MelSkunk: Ugg! Sounds like a joke, or bad press for the therianthropes.


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I think it's a hoax.

In any case, I've forwarded the URL to News of the Weird, along with the one about the riot at a tigress-woman's hanging in Iran.

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I actually dove into my school's newspaper collection a few days later and looked for it.

It's definately in there, but luckily it didn't get a very good position, I wouldn't have found it if I wasn't looking for it.

What will become of it? A few people might get a bit twitchy when they see someone in a fursuit, but i think it'll just blow over most people as 'just one of those things that happens to other people'

- Sabu

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Actually, it's not bad press for the therianthropes, it's bad news for furries. From a post on

This story is in fact a highly distorted story about the australian furry community. Its quite easy to work out who the people are if you know the background. Unfortunity as there are no names given I have no way to confirm my suspisions.

However the whole story isn't told in the artical. The boy moved interstate (to melborn) not to "Be with fellow cult members" but to be with his lover. The main factors in the boy leaving where not furry or lycanthropy but because his perents (espcally his mother who from all accounts is a bit of a fruit cake) didn't accept his homosexaulity.

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hey this could prove to be the worst coverage of furry yet

you know how people in general feel about cults, especially when they are ***** around with 15 year old kids

have fun guys


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